List of Services under SEIS (Service Export From India Scheme) for service exporters in India


SEIS Scheme (Service exports from India Scheme) provides incentive to the service exporters in India to get the incentive of 5% to 7% on the net foreign exchange earned in the form of duty credit scrips. It was launched by the Indian Government under Foreign trade policy 2015-20 and started from 1st April 2015.

Benefits under SEIS Scheme is given to the service exporters who are located in India.

There are the list of notified services eligible for the benefits given in Appendix 3D of FTP. Below we will be discussing in brief about each services.

There are four parts under Business services which are eligible for benefits under SEIS Scheme.

  1. Professional Services 2) Research and development Services 3) Rental/Leasing Services 4)  Other business Services

Professional Services :

  • All the Legal Services
  • Accounting, Auditing & Book keeping services
  • Taxation Services, Architectural Services
  • Engineering Services, Integrated Engineering Services
  • Medical and dental services
  • Services Provided by midwives, nurses, physiotherapist and paramedical personnel

Benefits rate under SEIS scheme is 5%

Research and development services (R & D Services)

R and D services on the following

  • Natural Science
  • Social Science and humanities
  • Interdisciplinary R&D Services. 

Benefits rate under SEIS scheme is 5%

Rental/Leasing services without operators

Services related to ships, aircrafts, and other transport equipment, machinery and equipment.

Other Business Services

  • Services Related to Advertising
  • Market research and public opinion polling services
  • Management consulting service, Services related to management consulting, 
  • Technical testing and analysis services, 
  • Services incidental to agricultural, hunting and forestry, 
  • incidental to fishing, Services incidental to mining, 
  • Services incidental to manufacturing, 
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Communication Services

  • Motion Pictures and video tape production services
  • Radio Television Services
  • Sound Recording Services
  • Radio and television services

Construction and related engineering services

  • Building Construction Work
  • Construction work for Civil engineering
  • Services related to installation, assembly work, 
  • Building completion and finishing work

Educational Services

  • Primary, Secondary, higher adult Education

Hospital Services related to health 

Tourism and travel related services

  • Hotel & Restaurants Services
  • Travel agencies and tour operators services
  • Tourist guides Services

Recreational Cultural and Sporting Services

  • Theaters, live bands, circus services related to Entertainment Industry
  • News agency Services
  • Libraries, museums, other cultural services


Maritime transport services

  • Passenger and freight transportation, Rental of vessels with crew services
  • Maintenance and repair of vessels 
  • Pushing and towing services
  • Supporting services for maritime transport

Air transport services

  • Rental  of aircraft with crew, maintenance and repair of aircraft, airport operations, ground handling

Road transport services

  • Passenger and freight transportation
  • Rental of Commercial Vehicles with operator
  • Maintenance and repair of road transport services 

Services auxiliary to all modes of transport 

  • Cargo handling services
  • Storage services
  • Warehouse related services
  • Freight transport agency services

Under SEIS Scheme, service exporters get the benefits and recently Government approved, On 13th March Indian Government approved RoDTEP Scheme which will replace existing MEIS scheme in a phased manner, which means when the RoDTEP rate for a specific product will be notified at the same time MEIS rate for that products will be discontinue for that products.

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