How to take care of fabric?

sinker cotton

The life of the fabric depends upon the person who uses it. More you take care of the fabric, longer life will it have. There are so many fabrics in the market like Terry French, sinker cotton, khadi, silk, etc. Their care also depends upon the type of fabric. Fabrics like silk need to be dry cleaned, whereas cotton or khadi cloths should be gently washed at home. Many a time, there are chances that the natural fibers of the cloth get exploited because of washing them in the strong detergents.

So here are some of the tips for different fabrics that how they should be washed.

  • For linen cloths: use gentle detergents and take this cloth out of the washer within a few minutes. Even spin this fabric cloth should be spin at low speed. It is better to dry this fabric cloth on the clothesline.
  • For cotton clothes: we live in a country where the summer season lasts for a long period. This is the reason why people here only prefer to wear cotton cloths. So it is very important to know how to take care of them. Always read the warning written on the cloth and wash accordingly. Not only the washing methods but the drying way of cloths can also contribute to the life of the cloths.
  • For denim: denim is the French originated cloth that is also one of the types of cotton fabric. If you are going to wash the cloth for the first time go wash them separately from the other clothes. Don’t wash it with hot water and if it is possible then use low spin speed. Especially the dark-colored denim should not be dried under the sun.
  • For blended fabrics: some clothes are a combination of two or more fibers like synthetic fiber, cotton, or cashmere. Before washing these clothes the directions should be followed. Use only gentle detergents for them and dry them at a lower temperature. 
  • For polyester: from the last one century these fabrics are used in making different clothes that come in different colors. So it is better to first go through the directions given on the cloth and then wash. Most polyester fabric can be washed using warm water but the tumble dry polyesters garments must be washed at low-temperature water and Avoid ironing them.
  • For silk cloths: silk is one of the oldest clothing materials which is natural fiber as well. These fabrics should be properly taken care of. It is better to get these clothes dry cleaned or should be hand washed. These clothes should never be spun in machines and should be dried at low temperature and these clothes should be ironed at a warm temperature.
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So these are some of the guidelines that should be taken into consideration while washing different fabrics. They are very helpful in maintaining the clothes in good condition. You can easily buy these fabrics from various cotton sinker fabric dealers that provide their customers with the best quality of clothes. 

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