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PowerPoint slides are used for presentations, training and other educational purposes. When preparing a presentation for an international audience in multiple languages, you must ensure that everyone understands your message clearly, and translating your business presentation will make a big difference for a better reach. As we live in a globalized world, where numerous countries and cultures are connected and over thousands of languages are spoken, translation is important because it allows people to communicate and understand each other’s ideas and cultures.

PowerPoint translations make it easier to eliminate the communication barrier between the audience and the presenter. Accurate and precise PowerPoint translations can produce content that makes it easy to inform, explain and persuade the viewers.

  1. Most people simply prefer their native language or donot understand English. This is why we need presentation translation; to allow people to communicate more effectively.
  2. One of the major benefits you get by translating your presentation is that you can reach out to a larger audience. Translation can help you get a worldwide appeal by expanding your brand, purpose, and goals to people all over the globe.
  3. With presentation translation, you will be able to create a common understanding across many different languages, that will eventually benefit your business greatly.
  4. Presentation translation is necessary for giving out information, knowledge, and ideas across the world and to achieve effective communication between different cultures.

Since information shared via PowerPoint has a global reach, PowerPoint translation is essential to ensure that information is understood clearly in the language of your audience.

Here are some easy steps that you can take to make the translation process more efficient.

presentation reach for International audience

Know your audience

This is the first step to be considered while preparing any PowerPoint slide for translation. You must understand the audience for your Presentation. Be it any number of audience, presenting the information requires clear communication of your message.

Try to have a vast knowledge of the language you need to prepare the PowerPoint slide for. This will help you to determine the effectiveness of the language, fonts, design for spacing and will also help you in the selection of a professional translation company.

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Proper sentence structure

Every line of text should have a purpose and its syntax should be intentional, meaning that sentence structure should have concise language that sensibly transitions into your next sentence. If your content is not presented precisely and consistently, it can cause your translator to lose focus and to make assumptions rather than reproductions.

Keep text expansion in mind

Sometimes the language you want the text translated into (the target language) requires more space than the original language (the source language). Remember, that no one wants to view a PowerPoint presentation that is all text from top to bottom. Therefore it’s advisable to take this into consideration when laying out your initial PowerPoint content. By leaving more space around the text, translators can easily preserve the original design. Slides will not feel crowded, and it’s less likely that additional slides will have to be added.

Animation and Transitions

Another aspect of PowerPoint that boosts audience engagement is animation. Animation helps to make your presentation more dynamic, and the information you are presenting more memorable to your audience. Syncing animation audio and visual with translated content may be a critical piece of the project scope.

If an audio voice-over is included along with translated content, dubbing and syncing become necessary. Research and analyse beforehand if the translation company is adept at making this happen seamlessly and can provide voiceovers and editing services too.

Opt for more slides and space

In addition to being strategic with the amount of text used, you must also think about the number of slides and the amount of space utilized in their presentations. To preserve your presentation layout, you can use two slides to cover the same amount of content as you might normally put on a single slide. Additionally, this will let the audience understand better without the unnecessary bombardment of written content.

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Presentation translations can exhibit your ideas before a higher number of people and can manage to grab their attention and get them interested in your business. Partnering with a professional translation company to make your PowerPoint content available in multiple languages will allow your organization to exponentially extend its global reach.

While you might be familiar with a language that you are translating in, the professional translation will take you above and beyond. Always invest in professional translation. Serious translation errors can mean issues for your business. Professional translation will allow you to get a deep, rich context and an accurate translation for your presentation to share with those you are connecting with.

Hiring the right language translation services company can make all the difference to your translations. A translation agency will find the right team to translate your content for an international audience by combining the skills of native and expert translators with the expertise of spell checkers and proofreaders. LanguageNoBar can help you to provide professional translations for your presentations through experienced linguists who are domain experts and are native speakers of the language in which you require the translations. Professional translators can get your presentation message translated in different languages by maintaining the true essence of the message. Presentation translation is a multidimensional and multifaceted activity and is important internationally to overcome the sociocultural bridge between countries and different cultures.

We live in a world where it is becoming more and more important to establish international relations, and where we consume information from all over the world, making it practically impossible to escape this globalization. That being said, presentation translation will help you to reach more people than you ever realized and you will be able to connect with them on a more effective level.

There are many factors that guarantee the success of any presentation and good translations can boost your overall impact. Hence, transform your presentation with translations by trusted professionals,  and create a huge user base overseas!

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