How to Remove Skin Mole – and it is safe to remove moles at home?


Remove Skin Mole

How to Remove Skin Mole

Remove Skin mole: Homemade devices to remove moles are dangerous to the skin and make it difficult to diagnose possible malignant lesions.

According to the recommendations of dermatologists, we should periodically carry out a thorough review of the moles (nevi) that we have in our body to detect changes that can alert us to any problem.

In this way, we can know if new moles have appeared, if they have grown, if their edges are regular or diffuse if their coloration or shape has changed … or if they ooze or itch.

Appreciating any of these changes should make us make an appointment with our dermatologist, either to rule out that there is a serious problem or to diagnose and remove it in time.

In addition to a malignant lesion (not a mole), there are other reasons to remove a nevus. These reasons may be aesthetic or practical, so someone may decide to get rid of a large mole that makes some highly visible area of ​​the face or neck ugly or remove it to prevent this mole from bleeding or bothering if it is located in an area very exposed to snags.

Or rubbing against clothing, with brushes and combs, belts, bra straps…

Is it a good idea to remove the moles at home?

From a few years to this part, you can buy (either in pharmacies or online) devices to remove moles without having to go to the dermatologist’s office. The mechanism of action of these pen-shaped gadgets is based on destroying the mole by burning or freezing it.

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Despite the fact that a priori these products can represent great advantage in terms of therapeutic agility, comfort for the patient, and savings for the pocket, the truth is that specialists are against their domestic use and warn that this practice contains many risks, and is strongly discouraged.

The main problem is that anyone can access and apply these devices without any prior diagnosis or medical judgment, which is essential to assess the nature of the skin lesion and the best way to eliminate it if it is necessary or convenient to do so.

To evaluate a skin lesion, in this case, a mole, the dermatologist uses his knowledge and specialized medical training, diagnostic training, and experience, thus, through direct observation and also of appliances such as dermoscopy, he can make the correct diagnosis. of the pigmented lesion, and decide on its treatment.

In some cases, if the dermatologist observes a clinical or dermoscopic change in a nevus, it may indicate its removal, or perform a diagnostic biopsy, to rule out malignancy.

On the other hand, the lack of professional supervision makes it impossible to guarantee that the treatment is applied correctly. Also, many of these products lack the minimum instructions for monitoring and care to be applied in the treated area.

A mole, or nevus, should never be treated or destroyed by the patient. The moles that are decided to remove for different reasons should always be analyzed in the Pathological Anatomy service in order to make the corresponding histological diagnosis.

In addition, when applying these home treatments, subsequent diagnosis is difficult and hinders, being able to mask a malignant lesion, or modifying a benign lesion and therefore cause serious disorders for the patient’s health.

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For these reasons, dermatologists insist on the need to go to a specialist in case they want or need to remove a mole to do it in a safe and controlled manner.

If you have short time to do this, have another option?

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Can SkinCell Pro It Really work?

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Remove Skin Mole

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