Things you have kept in mind while designing small boxes


Cardboard boxes are regularly used since they are convenient and can be notable with the right design. By using these tips, better results can be attained.

The most frequently used material for packaging is cardboard boxes. The reason for their popularity is the convenience and the reassurance that comes along with it. Cardboard boxes offer protective outer layers and the reassurance to preserve the item packed inside. And all of that at a very economic cost too. In the present day, the use of large or small boxes is utilized by almost every industry and business.

Small cardboard boxes are frequently used to package a variety of goods. And these boxes are justly what dignifies the product in the eye of the customer.  The sales point of a product depends highly on how these boxes are packaged. Customers tend to judge the authenticity of the product by the quality of the packaging. And this only regards the quality of the small boxes itself but also the way they are designed and the attention to detail.

Small boxes typically mean something fragile, valuable, or costly. It could be jewelry, an electronic device, or a delicate decoration piece for you out on your shelf.Generally, packaging for products such as bowls or perfume size bottles is also preferred in small boxes. There are countless other uses of these small boxes that can benefit many people from different walks of life. These are also cost friendly for businesses as they are cheap to buy form outlets with cardboard boxes for sale.


While these small-scaled card boxes are used frequently used by business owners and manufacturers, they don’t just go to waste after that. These boxes have can be upcycled and used several times before finally recycling, which is another reason to use them since they are harmless to us and our surroundings.

Apart from the packaging aspect for businesses, small boxes can also be used for these other purposes.

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Upcycle it creatively!

People always somehow end up with cardboard boxes that they don’t have any use of. And the collection of these spare boxes just keeps growing after every round of shopping or a birthday party. A great way to upcycle these spare cardboard boxes is to upcycle them. The internet is filled with ‘Do it yourself’ craft ideas, and a large amount of them consist of frequent use of cardboard boxes. You can create beautiful and high-functioning items such as shoe racks, organizers, photo frames, playhouses, etc.

Good for storage, even better for moving!

The positive thing about small cardboard boxes is that they’re not just good for packaging. Nowadays it is way easier to store stuff in cardboard boxes than it is in storage bins. Outside of homes, even industries prefer to stack their inventories in cardboard boxes rather than shelves or plastic bags. The local business even put their used cardboard boxes for sale for homeowners to buy and use for their own needs.

 It is also commonly used in distributors and other carriers to carry small and fragile items. To ensure the protection and safety of the products contained within it it is essential to choose high-quality boxes. Small cardboard boxes are also highly convenient whole moving houses as they can safely store your household items and are easy to organize.

Countertop marketing

Small brown cardboard boxes put on display; doesn’t sound very eye-catching. However, if done correctly counter top cardboard displays are an amazing boost for your business. Counter display boxes are open cardboard box, decorated, and cut creatively to suit the brand and portray the products’ best quality. If designed and stationed correctly, counter display boxes help display your product in the best manner and can help gain a large number of consumers. There are individual designs that are meant to be for grocery items, hardware stores, or even toys. The right design and display will attract the right customers.

Important tips for designing small boxes

A well-designed packaging box allows you to define your product the way you you’re your consumers to perceive it. Creating an effective box design for your product means you have to put yourself in the position of the consumer and try to come up with an appealing design. That requires attention to detail, having knowledge about the product a knowing how to make your designs relevant to said knowledge. You could follow these useful tips and

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Custom packaging

The ability to create a certain perspective is the best quality of a design. The message you out forward; through the design of your packaging, plays a significant role in the success of the merchandise. You should make sure that the package’s design is thoroughly relevant i.e. the words you use and the images you put on the package are able to highlight the important aspects of the product while still being capable of attracting the passerby’s eyes.

Tips for a successful design

Balance is the key to a successful design. You could follow some points to create an amazing and attractive design. You also need to consider the fact that things look drastically different in print than they do on screen. There are some technical factors regarding design and printing that should be taken into account while designing cardboard packaging.

  • Less is more- elegant designs are mostly minimal, putting in too many elements crowds the design.
  • List down product benefits for customer feasibility
  • Plan ahead- winging it is always going to produce a mediocre design.
  • Creative die cuts- think up more creative ways to add windows, cuts, and more physical aspects; relevant to the product, to make your product stand out,
  • Make sure you fulfill the printing needs such as bleeds, color modes, and resolution. Supply your printer with the correct PMS codes
  • Always take grammar into account. A spelling mistake or a typo is immediately going to drop product points from the customer’s point of view.

Design custom Display boxes

Designing the small cardboard boxes appropriately while being significant, is not all there is to it. Displaying said small boxes at the right place is also of great value. Countertop displays are a good solution for it. The cardboard packaging is easier to display on the cash or display counters in open cardboard box. You can display your packaged boxes in countertop display that are designed and cut out for your product specifically, to get the best prominence and marketing.

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