A Guide To Choose The Right Hospital Bed Mattress

hospital bed mattress

Mattresses play a crucial role in helping patients recover from their injuries. As they spend most of their day lying on that mattress, it should be comfortable and therapeutic for proper healing. That is why there is a variation in regular mattresses and the ones used in hospitals. If you plan to purchase a hospital bed mattress, here are all the essential things you need to consider.

Type Of Mattress

Even hospital mattresses have types that make them beneficial for different types of patients. Thus, you can pick from these options according to your requirements:

  •    Foam: These are made from foam that helps avoid pressure ulcers and bedsores. It can also absorb shock from the patient’s regular movements. It is most advantageous for patients who need to spend several hours a day on the bed.
  •    Innerspring: These have coils inside them, which lets the mattress breathe better. It is generally recommended for the patients who don’t need too much time on the bed. This mattress for hospital beds is almost similar to the regular one found in your bedroom.
  •    Alternating Pressure:In case the patient already has bed sores or ulcers, they need special care from the mattress. That is why using this one is beneficial for them. It helps in shifting the pressure from one place to another on their body to ensure proper comfort. Therefore, they can relax on this for extended times.
  •    Low Air Loss:These are most comfortable for patients who don’t have much mobility and tend to develop bedsores easily. This medical air mattress provides enough support for weight-bearing areas to prevent the patient from getting ulcers or bedsores.
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Certain hospital bed mattresses are designed for patients who can’t turn on the bed on their own. It provides them with additional support so that they don’t feel discomfort. You can pick from any of these as per the patient’s medical condition and requirements.

Mattress Life

Another basic point you need to consider while opting for a mattress for hospital beds is how long it will endure. In case you need it for a temporary period, or until the recovery period ends, you can opt for more budget-friendly options. They would serve the purpose and won’t be too harsh on your budget. On the other hand, you can select costlier and long-life alternatives if you want to use it for a longer duration.

Mattress Size

The mattress’s size depends on the height of the patient. If the hospital bed mattress is supposed to accommodate multiple patients, you should opt for the biggest mattress available. It will be able to fit any sized patient. But if the mattress thickness for hospital beds is supposed to accommodate only one person, it should be chosen based on their height. It will ensure that they don’t feel any discomfort while sleeping on it.

Mattress Cleaning

There are both types of medical air mattresses – one that needs to be cleaned frequently, and the other can be used for extended periods without any hassle. You can choose any of these based on your requirements. You should check for anti-microbial properties in non-frequent cleaning mattresses. You can also buy mattress covers to keep them clean.

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With the help of all this guide, you can conveniently get the best medical air mattress according to the patient’s condition.

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