6 Simple And Helpful Exercises To Help You Snore Less


There are numerous misapprehensions like snoring is caused by excessive weight only or is a persistent sleeping habit. However, breathing heavily is also caused because of other various reasons. Some of these are nasal congestion, intake of alcohol or other sedatives a few hours before sleep, resting posture, enlarged tonsils, hanging tissue around the back of the throat and mouth, etc. The sound of snoring not just creates interference during sleep for the snorer and their partner but also leads to many health issues. These have an increased chance of a heart attack, sleep apnea, arrhythmia, hypertension, stress and others. Therefore, it is important to take mandatory steps to snore stop

There are some effectual exercises if done properly and regularly can create a major impact in reducing the sleeping soundly. Thus, these basic ones should be considered before taking the help of medication or treatments.

  • Push the tongue: One can do this simple movement 20 times in one go for 3 times each day. All you have to do is push the tip of the tongue towards the roof of the mouth and then slide the tongue backwards. Repeat it as mentioned. 
  • Suck the tongue: This is another high-yielding tongue practice. One has to suck the tongue upward against the mouth’s roof and press the entire tongue against the roof of the mouth. Repeat this easy exercise for about 20 times for 3 times per day. 
  • Force the back of the mouth’s roof: In this movement, while keeping the tip of the tongue in connection with the mouth’s bottom area, one has to force the backside of the tongue towards the floor of the mouth. This variation is recommended to do 20 times, 3 times each day. 
  • While saying vowel ‘A’: Many times, the foundation of snoring is because of the hanging uvula at the back of the mouth that obstructs the passage reducing the air to flow smoothly. Therefore, in such a case, one recommends this mouth movement in which the snorer has to elevate the back of the roof of the mouth and uvula while pronouncing the vowel ‘A’. Repeat this exercise for 20 times each time and around 3 times a day. 
  • Chewing: As natural as it sounds, alternate chewing on either side of the cheek while eating any of the meals is yet another effective movement suggested reducing the snoring problem. 
  • Finger in the mouth: Simple mouth exercises are considered highly useful in reducing the snoring problem. Therefore, another recommended snore solution is to put the finger in the cheek on each of the sides. Then press it outward while resisting the thumb by holding the cheek muscle. Repeat this easy one for 10 times each side and for 3 times per day. 
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Alternatives to see: The above practices when done right and frequently keep the airway open and prevents sagging related snoring issues. If these exercises don’t help in case of severe snoring problems, one can also consider substitutes. They are in the form of weight loss, positional therapy of resting on the side, giving up sedatives before sleep, use of nasal strips, nasal sprays and others.

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