Carbon Steel Wok Vs Cast Iron Wok: Comparison


A wok is the most frequently used utensil in a kitchen. Whether it is a household kitchen or a restaurant, you always need a wok to prepare several dishes. The brilliant innovation by Asian countries now serves the hunger needs of millions of people around the world. One of the most traditional materials for making a wok is the carbon steel. It gained extreme popularity in those days of the ’90s. However, as time goes on, there are a lot of inventions by molding similar ideas into different compositions. Such an invention was the launch of cast iron wok in the market. People loved the new idea and look of these utensils. Therefore, it was a hit in the market almost worldwide. However, many people still prefer to have a carbon steel wok at home. To make you well versed with the properties of this two kitchenware, we are here to cite some necessary points:

  • What is the primary material used in them?

Carbon steel is usually made from the alloy of carbon and iron. You can only call it steel when it has an alloy percentage around 1 to 2. Carbon steel has a contrasting finish to the shiny stainless steel. It is more prone to corrode or rust. However, it is consist of extremely tough material. A cast iron wok, on the other hand, is made from carbon and iron only. But, the percentage of carbon present in the alloy is higher than the carbon steel wok. It contains carbon in between 2 to 4 percent.

  • Cooking benefits of both the wok:
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The even heating feature of the carbon steel wok is the most known factor to everyone. That is the reason that you will see minimum hot spots in carbon steel wok in contrast to the other ones. However, a cast iron wok is also an amazing option. Though they have lesser power of heat distribution than the carbon steel; but, the heat retention is exceptional. It is also extremely affordable, versatile, and durable. You can readily use it both on the stove and the oven.

  • Caring for them:

Experts recommend avoiding the use of dishwasher while rinsing the cast iron pans. It is ideal to use hand techniques for rinsing them. You can rinse it directly after use, and let it dry. After drying, put a thin layer of oil to prevent rust. A carbon steel wok can be rinsed with the help of dishwashing soap and warm water.

  • Which one is more durable?

The cast iron comes with a variety of coatings. Therefore, it makes it a little less durable than the carbon steel wok. The cast iron wok is more prone to break if you accidentally drop it on the floor. On the other hand, a carbon steel wok will resist any such circumstances.

  • How much heat can they retain?

A cast iron wok is a better option for adequate heat retention. Usually, it remains more time at the peak. However, it heats up and cools down gradually. But, the carbon steel wok heats up very quickly.

We wish that we made it easier for you to select an appropriate wok for your kitchen. Thank you!

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