10 Modern Emerging Web Technologies You Should Know


Technology is like a fish. The longer the shelf life, the lesser the desirability.To stay on top and ahead of the game, every internet-based business should keep an eye on the progressive web apps and emerging trends.

To give you a quick heads-up and help you to have an eagle’s view of the rapidly changing technological landscape, we’ve compiled a quick list of 10 evolving web technologies.

  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Is the New Norm

Google is committed to giving its searchers a delighted mobile browsing experience. AMP is Google’s baby to encourage building websites, which smoothly function across all mobile operating systems and devices while loading instantly. AMP HTML open framework is a purpose-built platform to build accelerated pages.

  1. The arrival of Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

One of the most impactful trends in web developments is perhaps PWA. It’s primarily a microsite that offers enhanced functionality that’s traditionally available to native apps (such as offline access, push notifications, and hardware access).

Virgin America, Forbes, Alibaba, The Washington Post, and Twitter are some of the giants that are already leveraging PWA’s benefits and performance to enhance their UX.

  1. Voice Search Optimization

Its ease of using and gaining popularity is an evident trend that’s hard to overlook.

Gartner predicts that globally by the end of 2020, 30% of the searches will happen without typing. The number of smart speakers is also consistently gaining traction. By the end of 2022, voice commerce sales is predicted to hit $5B in UK and $40B in the US.

  1. Push Notifications Prevail
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Though it has been there for a while, it is still a greenhorn in terms of its gaining widespread acceptance and its potential to evolve. Push notifications are meant to send varied information to the users and that too without even registering and asking for their e-mail. It opens new channels and brings the connection and interaction to a whole new level with newer marketing opportunities.

  1. API-First Development

In an era of rising web solutions, wearables, mobiles, and other devices, it becomes inherent to devise ways that facilitate these gazettes and programs to integrate and connect with one another. That’s where the concept of API pops up from.

  1. Motion UIIs Here to Stay

Every product aspires to be as engaging, efficient, and attractive as possible. Motion UI library is the most befitting solution to capture users’ attention using appealing animations. Its embedded flexibility works with any JavaScript framework giving it an edge over traditional animation solutions.

  1. AI and Machine Learning-Powered Chatbots

Theweb development trends in recent years have seen a massive shift towards automated round-the-clock instant client support. AI and ML powered chatbots can connect and converse – much like a human to answer FAQs, take orders, address queries etc.

  1. Blockchain

Blockchain is relatively a new web technology that’s expected to revolutionise the web industry. It allows the users to store data across various global locations over thousands of servers using standard data storage. The fact that no intermediaries are required between the transactions makes it special.

  1. Minimalist Design & Single Page Websites

Single page website is one of the trending things, where different sections of a website are placed on a single scrollable long page. It’s simple, mobile-friendly, and easy to use just with a finger.

  1. Serverless Application & Architecture
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Serverless technology is the answer to restrict system overloading, costly development, and data loss. These were lately built as a cloud-computing execution model to replace regular servers by clouds that could manage machine resource consumption.

These technologies are not exhaustive by any means; however, these are enough to acquaint you with the latest developments in progressive web apps domain and evolving web trends.

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