50 KVA Generator: Features & Advantages

50 KVA Generator

If you are wanting to buy a 50 KVA generator, by then you have to get some answers concerning their features and inclinations to choose a respectable decision.

Preceding buying a 50kVA generator, it is basic to know its features, at precisely that point you will have the alternative to get the best generator. In this blog, you can find a couple of features of generators, which will help you in buying the best generator 50 kva price list & specification.

Without power, it is inconceivable for everyone nowadays. In any case, if you have a fortification generator, by then you can use all your huge contraptions despite the cut-off power.

  • Right when the power goes out
  • Right when you need more power
  • Fortification for Special event
  • While fixing your substation
  • Security Purpose
  • Outside social occasion or Camping

50KVA Generator Engine Features-

  • Fuel System/Type – CRDI/HSD
  • Lube Oil Capacity (l) – 4.5
  • Assessed Power (kW)- 31.4
  • Longing – TC-IC
  • Cooling Systems – Liquid Cooled
  • Cooling System Capacity (l) – 5.5
  • Engine Speed (rpm) – 3000
  • Managing – Electronic/Synchronous
  • No of Cylinders – 2
  • Bore/Stroke (mm) – 87/100
  • Evacuating (l) – 1.2
  • Weight Ratio – 17.5 : 1
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (l) – 75

50KVA Generator Technical Features-

  • RPM – 3000
  • Power rating (kVA) – 50
  • Shade Length (mm) – 1950
  • Shade Width (mm) – 950
  • Shade Height (mm) – 2076
  • Fuel Consumption – @ 100% Load (l/hr)5.5
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50KVA Generator-Alternator Technical Features

  • Alternator Model – ECP 28-2L/2
  • Excitation System – Brushless
  • Current amps (A) – 27.8
  • of Bearings – 1
  • Voltage Regulation : +/ – 1%
  • Passage Protection – IP23
  • Security Class – H

Control Panel Feature of 50KVA Generator

  • Control Panel – Standard
  • AMF Panel with Double Breaker – Optional
  • AMF Panel with Single Breaker – Optional
  • Auto Start Panel with Manual Breaker Closing – Optional
  • SYNC – Synchronizing Panel

Some significant preferences of utilizing 50KVA DG Set:


As we overall acknowledge diesel is extensively more moderate than petroleum. This is the explanation the running cost of 50KVA diesel generator set each hour is significantly lesser than that of an oil genset. There are in like manner eco-accommodating and can convey more force per liter of diesel than the generators running on some other fuel.

Low Maintenance cost:

50KVA DG Sets usually don’t have any radiance interfaces their engine. In various kinds of generators, these are the parts that require standard upkeep and replacement of sections. The nonattendance of these in a 50KVA DG set suggests that they require low upkeep and are unbelievably tussled free. Subsequently, by buying a 50KVA DG set you can get a good deal on a lot of upkeep costs.


The 50KVA generator sets are proposed to be reliable. Their harsh and strong arrangement makes them ideal for movement significantly under inconvenient conditions, without needing standard help.

You can pick a model-dependent upon your necessities and can then adequately get it from the market.

Low Noise:

50KVA generator sets are made irrelevant clamor. Generator manufacture spread the 50KVA generator by a soundproof asylum, with the help of covering we can reduce generator sound level. This makes them condition pleasant and ideal for action in neighborhood areas.

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A force blackout is an uncommon encounter and is typically brought about by abnormal or sporadic circumstances. In this blog, We have shared the Features and Advantages of the 50KVA generator.

In the event that you need to get a generator on the lease or purchase another generator, you can contact our EO Energy group.

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