Everything You Need To Know About The ITV Of Motorcycles And Mopeds


The Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV) is mandatory in our country for all vehicles, including motorcycles and mopeds. In fact, Spain is a pioneer country in implementing the ITV for motorcycles and mopeds, since the former have been inspected since 1987 and the latter since 2007. The objective of this technical test is to guarantee the good condition of the vehicles to minimize the number of traffic accidents on our roads.

When Do You Have To Pass The Itv?

The bikes must pass the ITV for the first time in the four years since its first registration. The technical inspection will then be carried out every two years. For their part, mopeds must pass the ITV three years after their first registration. From that moment on, they will also be reviewed every two years.

But, what happens if I don’t have an ITV in order? The answer is very simple, since as with other vehicles, not passing the ITV or circulating with said expired document is an economic sanction and also increases the risk of suffering or causing a traffic accident.

  • Riding a motorcycle or moped with an unfavorable or expired ITV entails a fine of 200 euros.
  • Riding a motorcycle or moped whose ITV has been rejected when trying to pass it and therefore is negative, entails a financial penalty of 500 euros.

You should bear in mind that if the authorities detect that you are driving with an expired ITV they will withdraw your driving license and give you a permit to drive to the nearest ITV workshop or station within ten days to comply with the law and pass mandatory technical inspection.

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How Much Does It Cost To Pass The Itv Of A Motorcycle Or Moped?

In the same way that happens with the ITV of vehicles, the price of the technical inspection of motorcycles or mopeds varies a lot depending on the Autonomous Community in which you are. However, the average price of the ITV of these vehicles is usually 20 euros. According to the Race, in Madrid the ITV costs approximately 39 euros, in Aragon 23 euros, in Catalonia 21 euros and in the Valencian Community 18 euros.

The Most Common Defects Of Motorcycles And Mopeds

According to the latest data published by the Ministry of Industry, motorcycles and mopeds register their greatest defects in lighting and signaling (11.2%), polluting emissions (4.9%) and in axles, wheels, tires and suspension (4.3%).

If after passing the ITV the result is favorable but the motorcycle or moped has some slight defects, you will be forced to solve these defects, although you will not have to pass the technical inspection again.

On the other hand, if the motorcycle or moped has serious or very serious breakdowns, the ITV result will be unfavorable or negative. In both cases, you will have a period of two months to fix the defects and pass the ITV again. The only difference between having an unfavorable or negative ITV is that with the latter the motorcycle or moped will not be able to circulate in any way; Only the services of a crane or trailer may be used to transport it.

Tips To Pass The Itv Without Problems

During the ITV of a motorcycle the following elements are checked:

  • The chassis number.
  • Let the license plate read well.
  • That the tires are in good condition and that they match those that appear in the technical sheet.
  • That the lighting system works properly.
  • That all the elements are approved and are those that appear on the vehicle’s card (the mirrors or the exhaust pipe, among others).
  • The good condition of the levers, the fairing, the handlebars, the suspensions, the brakes and the transmission.
  • That there are no possible oil or gasoline leaks.
  • Emissions tests.
  • Noise tests.
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In the case of mopeds, in addition to the aforementioned, it will also be verified that they do not exceed the maximum speed allowed for this type of vehicle, that is, 45 kilometers per hour.

The most advisable way to pass the ITV the first time and without any problem is to keep the motorcycle or moped maintenance up to date. If you check the vehicle when it touches and take care of all its elements, you will not have any problem when passing this test. If you want to get more information about buy used cars in Africa, then you need to get free information from Auto for trade.

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