Why WordPress Website Design is The Excellent Opportunity For You


As of now, WordPress serves as the platform of more than 25% of sites on the web, which is enough to make it one of the most popular web management systems in the IT world. Due to its versatility, it is the primary choice of developers in crafting personal blogs to large corporate sites.

WordPress being open-source software is free of cost, and its source code is available in the public domain for developers. A vast community of developers is involved in modifying the software daily and updating it at the rate of 80 times every day! Many corporate giants hire a WordPress developer to deal with their company website.

Apart from being open source, tons of WordPress themes and plugins are available for the developers, and thousands are created daily. Many awesome WordPress themes are available for free download and installation. Everyone who becomes a part of the WordPress community can contribute towards the betterment of the software. Also, you can get help from the vast community present there to help you get rid of any issues which you might face while designing a website.

Let’s discuss more reasons why WordPress Website design is an excellent opportunity for the developers:

WordPress is a highly secure Website design and content management platform.

WordPress is not a new player in the IT domain. Mainly because of its massive user base, it has become the most secure, reliable, and impregnable software base, which is significantly less likely to come under the attack of hackers. The security vulnerabilities are continuously tackled by regular updating of the source code and the addition of new safety features. Moreover, if your website is exposed to any such dangers, then you can always consult the huge WordPress web development community, which readily helps those who seek help.

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WordPress is easy to learn.

Amongst all the CMS platforms in the IT market, WordPress always wins in the ease-of-use department. The interactive UI allows the new users to get an idea of website design and content management. The drag and drop options enable you to perform all the tasks efficiently. A lot of people feel that coding knowledge is necessary for setting a website, but that’s not the case while you are working with WordPress. This makes it ‘available for all’ web design platform and hence the immense popularity. Starting from the installation part to set up the website, nothing seems very complicated if you are working on WordPress.

WordPress can solve your SEO woes.

For better website performance, SEO is the utmost priority. Search Engine Optimization is required for helping your website better its ranking and appear more frequently in the browser searches. The overall coding and markup utilized to design WordPress are quite SEO friendly. It is so because of the highly optimized and lightweight codes that have been used to in the WordPress platform. In addition to it, you get additional plugins like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO to enhance the SEO performance of your website further. As already discussed, those plugins are free to use, and as such, no coding knowledge is required to use those plugins. Due to the ease of use, you can do it all by yourself and will not need to hire a WordPress developer.

WordPress helps you design the best mobile-friendly websites.

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Nowadays, mobile phones are replacing desktops as primary internet usage devices, and that involves browser surfing also. Due to that, developers try to make their websites as mobile-friendly as possible. WordPress offers a particular plugin, i.e., WPTouch Mobile, to make your website or blog mobile compatible. In addition to it, you can also access your admin dashboard using your handheld device.

WordPress has varieties of theme suiting different needs.

Who doesn’t want their website to look engaging and beautiful? Well, a large number of pieces in WordPress makes sure that your website stands out from the crowd and looks appealing to the visitors. In addition to the pre-defined themes, you can create your own if you have a good command over PHP, JS, CSS, and HTML. WordPress offers themes for various kinds of websites, including personal blogs, business websites, information, and entertainment sites. However, it depends on you how you decide the suitable theme for your utility.

There are thousands of free as well as premium themes available for download, which diminish the development work and spare you from all the coding hassle involved in designing a website.

The reasons mentioned above make WordPress the most sought after platform for web design and content management. The robust IT infrastructure and massive WordPress web development are other reasons why WordPress can be your trump card if you want to make it big in the field of website making and CMS.

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