Why We Are Planning to Buy a Used BMW 5 Series Next Season


Since we heard about the release of 2020 BMW 5-Series last year, we had a keen interest to explore all its attributes. But frankly speaking, its price range was beyond our affordability. It was then when we got to know from a famous dealership of BMW used cars in San Luis Obispo that we can always invest in a used version of this model in the coming years, since the price will become undoubtedly low, as per the market rule.

Learning this fact drove us to cloud nine and we are already preparing ourselves to drive home a BMW 5 Series model next season, even if it is a used one. The reasons why we are so particularly in love with this model is worth discussing and so we will. 

Sedans are Glorious Artefacts to Own

Till date, apart from the sports cars, it is only the sedans in the entire industry of automobile that one gets to see a unique design, mostly beautifully crafted. Among them, you surely can have your own taste and set of preferences. 

So, a sedan model like the 2020 5 Series that is manufactured in the factory shade of an automaker like BMW will undoubtedly have a lofty design that will turn every head around. Who would not want to be in it? But owning one current year new model of this over-expensive car might not suit everyone’s budget at a given time. 

We found the 2020 BMW 5 Series model to be an ideal luxury sedan model to buy, because firstly it won our hearts with its artistic design. Then it was its perfectly luxuriating cabin that has the capacity to allure any mind on earth who peeps inside. But what made us crazy for this model is its refined rides and entertaining performance. So, when we are planning to buy a sedan anyway, why not invest in a model that really impressed us so strongly? 

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Engaging and Entertaining Performance

It is a known fact that the 2020 BMW 5 series models run on turbo-4 engines, even the base ones. So, it has plenty of verve to offer to its riders but more to the one who will sit behind the wheels. We also came to know that there are interesting options to go greener with the 2020 BMW 5 Series model, since the lineup offers a hybrid powertrain for the fuel conscious car users. 

We got to know from a dealership owner who has put Used BMW for sale San Luis Obispo, that there is also a higher trim model named 540i that come charged up with a turbo-6 engine while the still higher end M-trimmed models use twin-turbo V-8 engines for the M550i models are now capable of making more than 500 horsepower. All-wheel drive too is offered on these models to attain the best performance and drive moments. But it is still there as an available option on every model throughout the lineup. This was yet another reason why the 2020 BMW 5 Series model allured us so well. So we are all set to find out the best possible used model of 2020 BMW 5 series next season as we felt, it is a glorious artefact to own.


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