Why Long Distance Relationship Is Best

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A relationship is like a ripe mango, which is hanging in the tree. If you want to eat it, you have to be very careful while plugging it. I know it’s very tough to live apart, from that person whom you love most. Every couple wants to live together and forever. But because of some circumstances, they have to live far. You know, some people think that the long-distance relationship doesn’t work. I think they don’t know about its deepness. Today, I am going to share some point, if you are also in long-distance relationships. I think you will definitely relate to me, and my points.

Trust issues never happen

I think, people afraid about long-distance relationships because of the trust issue. But can anyone give me assurance, if you both live together? Then trust, issues will not come between you both. You know trust is the most important thing in a relationship. When you will send flowers to Kolkata, that will more special, than every Sunday dinner. You know, if someone truly loves you, he or she will be only yours. You know, I personally believe and somewhere I heard. If someone truly loves you will never live you alone. But if someone wants to cheat you, he or she will do in front of you. Just think, if someone can be loyal with you, after being far from you. Now, think he or she can ever cheat you. Your trust will be stronger than any other couple. Because he or she is a human being, not animals. Everybody loves freedom, let him or her be free. But at night he or she came back as the way went. Trust me, no one can break your relationship, not even you both.

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Communication becomes strong

Usually, a couple fights because of his or her partner, doesn’t give time. It’s normal, so you should give time to your sweetheart. You know, when you live far from each other. It makes your communication more strong. Now, you both talk about each other, and what you both done today. It will make your friendship strong. If you both are the best buddies, your relationship will be like fresh flowers. I mean, no hide, no secret. You both can talk about anything. Communication is very important in a relationship, but it should be transparent. The problem comes when transparency is not in your relationship. But when you both communicate, it will automatically make your relationship transparent.

Special moments

I know, it sounds so weird, some of you will disagree with me also. Okay, let’s imagine one thing, you want something desirably. But you get after a long way or wait or something you get easily. Now, think about the happiness in both the situation. Now, I don’t think, I need to tell which happiness will be precious.  Same thing in the relationship, when you both meet after a long time. I tell you, that moment is more special than anything. You both spend time, you both create more beautiful moments. I know, you both miss each other so much. Sometimes, it is very difficult to control emotion. Sometimes you both fight because of this, cry, become sad, and many other things. In this, situation you can send online cake delivery in Delhi by Bloomsvilla. If your beloved live out of India or in India. I have given an example.

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Understanding and bonding becomes unbreakable 

I am not kidding, this is true. Because when you both can each other when you both are miles away from each other. It means, your bonding is so strong, you both understand each silence also.  The root of your relationship is very deep and strong. So when you both live together forever. You both will face, very little problems, as compared to other couples. Because of your communication, understanding, trust, bonding, friendship is unbreakable. One more thing, your love is love, not lust. And when you both get married, your married life will outstanding. Because of all the problems, you have already faced.

You know, when you both will live together. I tell you, you both will cherish those moments and days. Your love story will very exciting and rocking, just like your love and relationship.

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