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Hello friends, welcome back to our Motivational websites today. We are going to talk about what is the keyboard and how many types are there? And the next time we talked about what is Computer Virus and the way to finish it and we hope you must have liked our blog. So let us start our today’s topic which is what is the keyboard and how many types are there?

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In this post, we will tell you Computer Keyord information, I hope friends you will like all our posts, and we hope that you like all our posts.

All of you must have used the keyboard, to do Typing or to do any work of computer, but do you know what is Computer Keyboard if you do not know then in today’s Post Information About Keyboard You will get full information about it.

You must also be using the computer in some way, today most of the work is done from the computer itself, if you also want to get keyboard’s information today. That you will get full information about this in our Post Computer Keyboard, then friends, know about the Keyboard. Use of the keyboard is being done in many places today, but there are many such devices of computer about which You don’t know Add also a Keyboard from.

What is a computer keyboard

Keyboard is an Input device. It is mainly used to enter commands, text, numerical data and other types of data in a computer. In order to interact with a user computer, input devices such as keyboard and mouse Let’s use If we talk about the first time then the PS / 2 But if I talk about now, then USB (universal serial bus) and wireless connectors were used now. goes. It is now very easy to connect them.

How does a computer keyboard work?

It is an input device as well as a hardware device that works according to the instructions given by the user. It is made up of circuits, switches and processors, with the help of which every keystroke message typed reaches the computer. You do not have to understand that I am talking about the processor of the CPU, but the keyboard also has its own processor. It sends every information to the system.

When we type anything in the keyboard, let’s say I type A. This causes a switch press. Pressing the switch completes the circuit and causes a slight current to flow. When we press the switch So the reason for this is that there is a cube known as bounce that reaches the processor. A large part of this cicuit system forms a key matrix. The small button below the button we type The mold Are made grid called the key matrix.

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When the processor learns that a circuit is close, it compares the location of the circuit of the key matrix to the character map in the ROM. The character map is a comparison chart. Which tells the location processor of each butoon key. Along with this, it also tells the matrix location of the combination of keystroke. Like sometimes we press other alphabets with Shift and Control button. This combination of keystrokes is.

In this way, when we press A, there will be a current flow which will produce vibration which will be known to the processor, now it will know the location of its circuit in the key matrix from the character chart of the ROM, then it will know which button was pressed. In this way, it will display immediately by typing A in the output.

Types of Keyboard Layouts

Keyboard layout is the special placement of keys (Keys) on a keyboard. The keyboard layout determines the keyboard’s shape, size, and type. Today various computer keyboard layouts are available. Different countries of the world have developed keyboard layouts according to their language and script.

Two broad categories.

    1.QWERTY Keyboard Layout

    2.Non-QWERTY Keyboard Layout

Some other Keyboard Layouts based on QWERTY Layout:





2. Non-QWERTY Keyboard Layout

Some Non-QWERTY Keyboard Layouts.




Type of Keyboard Keys

The ‘QWERTY’ Layout is by far the most prevalent and globally adopted pattern. And in this Lesson, we are also telling to use a similar keyboard. Let’s know how many Keys in a keyboard? Name and type of keys and what is their use?

A normal keyboard has a total of 104 Keys and their number also depends on the Keyboard Manufactures and Operating System. So broadly we can say that a QWERTY Keyboard has about 100 Keys (±).

Each key present in the keyboard has its own specific function and based on this function, they are divided into the following six categories. The details of which are as follows.

    1.Function keys

    2.Typing keys

    3.Control keys

    4.Navigation Keys

    5.Indicator Lights

    6.Numeric keypad

Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Whenever we work in a computer, for that we use the input device and put our data in the computer and instruct it to work. The keyboard and mouse are the most prominent in this. Nevertheless, the ability to work is different in every human and the speed of working also varies.

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When the person working in the computer is aware of its shortcut keys, then it becomes even easier to work, in such a situation, there is no need to hold the mouse all the time, rather we can do all the work from it. Only we will know about the shortcut keys, which help us to complete our work more easily and quickly.

Shortcut Keys       Keys Description

F1                           Help uses this key to view information.

F2                           F2 to rename a file.

F5                          refreshes the page of whatever program’s window will open.

Alt + Tab              works for K from one program to another.

Alt + F4                closes any active program.

Ctrl + A                selects all the contents of the page at once.

Ctrl + B                bolds the selected text.

Ctrl + C                copies the selected text.

Ctrl + D                bookmarks the opened webpage.

Ctrl + E                moves the selected text to the center.

Ctrl + F                Use to open the Find window.

Ctrl + G               opens the Find window in the browser and word processor.

Ctrl + H               opens the Find & Replace window in Microsoft Word, Notepad and WordPad.

Ctrl + I                 Italicizes the text written.

Ctrl + J                 is used to enter the download window in the browser and sets justify alignment in                  Microsoft Word.

Ctrl + K                creates a Hyperlink of highlighted text in Microsoft Word and HTML editor.

Ctrl + L                aligns the text to the left side and selects the address bar of the browser.

Ctrl + M               indent the selected text in the word processor program.

Ctrl + N                creates a new page or new document.

Ctrl + O                opens the file or document in the program in almost every way.

Ctrl + P                opens the Print window to print the document.

Ctrl + R                aligns the text to the right side. Reloads the browser’s page.

Ctrl + S                permanently saves the file or document to the local drive.

Ctrl + T                opens a new tab in the Internet browser.

Ctrl + U               underlines the text.

Ctrl + V                paste the copied file, text document.

Ctrl + W               performs tabs in the browser and documents in Word.

Ctrl + X                 cuts selected text or any file.

Ctrl + Y                 redo any action.

Ctrl + Z                 Undo an action.

Shift + Del           permanently deletes a file.

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