5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Look This Year

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I have always been a firm believer that everyone is beautiful in his or her own way. As humans in the 21st Century, it is high time for us to move past unrealistic body expectations, gender-conforming fashion, and superficial beauty. That being said, it’s also a time where beauty products like teeth whiteners and ethnic clothes like a Pakistani clothes in USA are readily available online.

That means more people have access to all the clothes, accessories, and makeup they need to be their best selves. This blog explores these 5 outfit ideas that can help you look much prettier than your already pretty self this year:

  1. # 1 Invest In a Statement Bag
  2. #2 Ditch High-Vamp Shoes
  3. #3 Let Your Hair Grow Out
  4. #4 Spring for Trendy Sneakers
  5. #5 Invest in Better Denim

Let’s take a closer look at them below.

# 1 Invest In a Statement Bag

Too many women make the mistake of getting attached to the same frumpy, dull, dated, and boring old bag. Sure you can fit more things into it, but should you really do that at the cost of looking less hip than you should? The bag you carry is a unique way to make a statement. Therefore, it should be a high-quality, trendy complement to your entire outfit. Think of it this way. You will likely have to carry the bag around with you all day. A “meh” bag will end up dragging down your entire outfit. On the other hand, an elegant bag brings a special oomph to your whole look. A camel bag or a black bag can be the perfect addition to virtually any outfit.

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#2 Ditch High-Vamp Shoes

Don’t make the mistake of going overboard with high-vamp shoes. Of course, shoes that cover the entire top of your foot, or a large part of it, are all the rage right now. But they rarely offer the feminine touch that many people tend to notice the most. These days the uglier the shoe is, the more fashion-savvy it seems. But the more you age, the more these shoes look like comfort pairs rather than a serious outfit piece. Instead, you should opt for gladiator sandals, square-toed ballet flats, or even a pair of thong sandals. They’re comfortable, cute, and very sexy, so make them your own.

#3 Let Your Hair Grow Out

This isn’t strictly a fashion outfit tip, but it still changes the way you look more than anything else. Lush, luxuriant hair is one of the defining feminine characteristics that people appreciate the most. Unfortunately, too many women are taking drastic action with their hair these days. Whether to experiment with a new look or to avoid the hassle of caring for long hair, many women shear off their locks in favor of short hair. There’s nothing wrong with this. You can wear short hair if you want, but if you really want to be a head-turner, nothing beats long hair. So grow it out, and experiment with braids, pigtails, topknots, and buns for a cute, girl-next-door look.

#4 Spring for Trendy Sneakers

Sneakers have come far out of the box. Pun intended. People don’t wear sneakers just when they’re at the gym or on the jogging track. Trainers and sneakers are one of the trendiest fashion items in the world right now, especially with social media influencers. Wear your sneakers when you step out, just make sure they aren’t your worn-out running shoes. A pair of Adidas, Nike, or Yeezys aren’t only comfortable, they are a very visible statement.

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#5 Invest in Better Denim

Nothing makes as solid a statement as a nice denim outfit. However, too many ladies are in the habit of buying short-lived, disposable denim and filling their closets with them. Mom jeans, boyfriend jackets, and high waists are all really in right now. But if you buy them from discount stores or thrift malls, be prepared for shorter shelf lives. By contrast, good-quality denim from premium stores like AG and Joe’s can be the perfect statement piece in your outfit. Or you can try their websites if you usually order dresses online. Of course, the price tag is larger, but the end look is well worth the investment.

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