What Is a Web Agency in Bangkok?


In simple terms, a web agency in Bangkok, more commonly known as a ‘digital agency’ nowadays, is a specialist advertising agency that has evolved to meet the marketing needs of a rapidly changing digital age. An agency of this nature brings together copywriting, graphic design, technology, strategic planning and advanced techniques under one roof. Not to mention in-depth knowledge and awareness of industry standards and best practices. The result is a highly competent team of professionals who can meet the marketing goals of any business. Now that you know what a web agency is, let’s look in more detail at its services and advantages, and how to pick the best one for your needs.

What services does a web agency supply?

Of course, services offered will vary from agency to agency, but in general, you can expect a fully-fledged web agency in Bangkok to handle website design, app development, search engine marketing and optimisation (SEO), blogging, social media marketing, content creation and outreach, online lead generation, media campaigns, video creation, email marketing, online brand development and customer relationship management (CRM).

Some smaller agencies might only specialise in one or two of these services. If you require help across many touchpoints, you’ll need to work with a larger agency with the expertise and staff to handle bigger and integrated jobs. For example, building a website, managing brand development, running a launch campaign and handling on-going social media management.

Advantages of working with a web agency?

For many people, the thought of working with a professional agency immediately sparks fear about the cost. In truth, if you work with a highly specialised agency who knows how to spend your budget in an optimal way to reach your target audience and objectives, you could save money in the long run. It’s always wiser to set aside resources to hire outside professionals than try to do it in-house with unqualified or unmotivated staff.

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Not to mention that web agencies hold themselves to very high standards and measure and analyse every facet of their work and campaigns. Data collection, measurability and accountability are the cornerstones of this industry. Monthly reports will show you exactly what they worked on, what they achieved (ROI), what the next months’ plan is, how much ad money has been spent and so forth.

And lastly, an agency can use a multi-disciplinary approach to tackle any marketing problem. They are highly adept at finding solutions and catering to every step of the customer journey. From sales and marketing to e-commerce and re-branding, they can handle a diverse range of projects simultaneously.

How to select a web agency for your needs

Be wary of any traditional agency that tells you they can handle digital marketing, as often they cannot. For example, a standard web agency might be fantastic at building websites but won’t necessarily have the expertise to handle a multi-channel marketing strategy that covers aspects like search and social.

The key is to determine which agency and which services best suit your business requirements. Choose wrongly, and the agency you work with could cause you to lose time, money and worst of all, potential customers.

You’ll want to do your homework and then spend time meeting with your top picks in a one-on-one session. This is your opportunity to grill them on their expertise, ask to see samples of their work (i.e., case studies) and learn precisely how they would handle your brief.

We hope you’ve found this article useful and are now well on your way to finding the ideal web agency in Bangkok for your business needs.

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