What Are The Elements Of Retail Merchandising


Retail merchandising should be central to all your efforts that are directed towards increasing business sales. Knowing how it is done and what elements it includes is very important to ensure that it creates the right impact and delivers the desired results. There are businesses out there that get overwhelmed with the demands of retail merchandising only because they are not quite aware of how it’s done. This is where a retail merchandiser comes into the pictures. These people know the ins and outs of merchandising and have the experiencing of helping businesses make the most of their retail merchandising efforts. When you are looking for merchandising that is easy to implement, doesn’t cost a lot, and contributes towards an increase in sales, you need to seek professional assistance.

There are several elements of retail merchandising. We will discuss a few important ones.

  • It is very important to create a focal point of your retail merchandising efforts. Are there specific areas in the store where the visitor’s eye focus on? Or are they not able to choose a side to direct their gaze at? Make sure that you build a focal point. It has been found that focal points or hotspots can have a significant impact on sales. Look at the different areas of your store from the buyer’s perspective. Don’t create the hotspot at a height. It won’t help your cause. Wherever you create your focal points, make sure they are easily visible to the customers. You need to understand that the focal point is your product and not the items you are using to highlight it. Make sure that your product overpowers everything that is placed around it.
  • Right colours can make a section of your store stand out from the rest. The power of colour, used in the right mix and order, should never be undermined. You can get away with making slight mistakes in other elements but not when it comes to colours. So if something is not right with one of the other elements, your merchandising efforts will reap the rewards if the colours you use coordinate well with each other. Most retail merchandisers suggest using contrasting colours and monochromatic colours for creating visually attractive displays. A lot of people don’t understand how important an element colour is to retail merchandising and how it can catch the fancy of customers.
  • A very important element that a lot of stores and brands don’t pay too much attention to is exposing their customers to more merchandise than they usually do. After all, it is all about your products. So you would want your customers to see what all you have available for them. You need to give them enough options to choose from. Your ultimate goal is to make them make a purchase. You are only going to do it when you have enough merchandise on display.
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These are a few key elements that every retail merchandiser will tell you about. Ultimately, it all boils down to your needs and store dynamics.

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