Home Remedies to Reduce Joint and Muscle Pains

Ayurvedic pain relief

Many elderly people suffer from Arthritis these days and not only in winter but throughout the year. The tenacity of the pain keeps increasing if they are not treated properly.

Arthritis is a kind of joint disease or joint pains where inflammation of joint happens and it can happen at more than one joint at the same time. The symptoms of these joint pains are mostly visible among elderly like those who are above 60 years of age. But sometimes it can be seen in middle aged people as well. The major symptoms are swelling, pain and stiffness in the joints. Though there is no permanent cure of this condition but one can always try Ayurvedic medicine for joint and muscle pain to get some relief.

There are some Ayurvedic herbs which can be used and one can get relief if the condition is not severe. However the effect of those herbs can vary from one person to another. Here are some suggested herbs and one can try using at home so that they can get relief from Arthritis related pain.


This is the most common used herb to bring some respite to the joints. This is a plant which is easily available and this is known to reduce excessive pains and swelling. It has anti convulsing, anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties which can help the joints in a lot of ways. The leaves of this plant are said to have a lot of medicinal properties and the seeds and stems also possess them. One can apply Nirgundi oil on the affected joints or can make a paste of the leaves to apply it.

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This is said to be the natural aid to Arthritis pain because it has a lot of anti inflammatory components. It is also said to have some anaesthetic properties which can help one to get relief from joint pain. One can take a spoonful of ajwain seeds in a tub of hot water and soak the aching joints there for at least 10 minutes. This can ease the pain and the swelling. One can also drink ajwain water every day to get benefits.


This is a mix of many medicinal herbs (precisely ten) and is known to cure a lot of ailments. There are 5 roots of trees and 5 roots of shrubs which are used together to make this herb. This can be very effective in any inflammatory condition of the body. It also has some sedative properties that can cure the joint pain. They are available in both oil and powder form.


Ginger is very commonly found in Indian kitchen. This has a lot of antiseptic properties and it can reduce joint swelling and pain. It is known to increase blood circulation as well which can heal a lot of affected areas. One can drink ginger tea and can apply ginger paste on the inflamed joints to get relief. Ginger can also make a good essential oil.

One can use this Ayurvedic pain relief at home but in severe cases a doctor’s consultation is a must.

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