What Are Places To Visit In Pune For Kids?

    places to visit in pune for kids

    Are you in Pune? You must be thinking about how you can enjoy travelling in Pune, right? This blog post is all about how you can enjoy with your enjoy with your friends, relative and especially your kids. There are so many things to do along with your kids and family. There are so many places to visit in pune for children’s’ entertainment. It is one of the best things which are totally into the best possibilities.

    This blog is all about how you can create opportunities for the kid so that they can enjoy their day and spend a wonderful journey. Here we set off-

    Aga Khan Palace

    Best seasons to visit: Summer, Monsoon, Winter

    Visit time: 11AM-8PM

    Aga Khan Palace is a place which finds its place in history among the history of ancient India. The deep rooted history helps kids and youngsters to learn from it. Kasturba Bai and Desai breathed their last in the place. A huge ground with luxurious and spacious halls along the lawns is truly seeks reasonate Italian elegant and structure intricating the magnificence of the entire structure.

    Shaniwar Palace

    Best seasons to visit: Summer, Monsoon, Winter

    Visit time: 10:30AM-7:30PM

    Situated in the heart if the city in Pune. It is frequently for the splendid architecture and its historical structure constructed by the Peshwa Bajirao himself. The Place is so cool and amazing, it is influenced by luxury resorts, sightseeing and camping experience within and about. This architecture is an excellent structure from the kid’s history book including the Maratha Imperial architecture used in India.

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    Best seasons to visit: Summer, Monsoon, Winter

    The place is so cool and perfect that it can be enjoyed at an elevation of about 4,600 feet. The Rajgad fort stands idyllic from the storage point for history and nature lovers alike. This architecture is associated with the Maratha Dynasty which is the birthplace for Shivaji’s son. Kids love to enjoy in the place as they get to see history come alive. Trekking and adventure sports are rightly the attractions of the place.

    Lohagad Fort

    This fort is one of the amazing places feel like one of the best and amazing forts which takes a formidable fort located around 52kms out from Pune ad appointed by UNESCO World Heritage Site. Trekking to the Lohagad Fort in Lonavala in Mumbai. The place reflects the deep insight of the mahatma’s life and resonance. Kids can enjoy with their family and take the glimose of history of the country.


    There are many other places to visit in pune for kids which are full of popular destinations for trekkers and nature lovers from the city of Pune and Bombay alike. Nothing can be so unhealthy when it is about taking good care of the kids and their interest. The places symbolize everything beyond the bygone era.  When in Pune, kids will definitely have a gala time. It is time to get a trip after pandemic is over.

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