Why Companies are Focusing on Energy Efficient Home Appliances?


In urban cities around the world, households have long depended on consumer electronics and appliances to keep the home functional. A range of electronic goods exist that can fulfill a host of functions and make life easier for people. Right from toasters that make breakfast a quick and healthy affair to air conditioners that ensure cooling and comfort within the home, electronic appliances have evolved in accordance with people’s needs and people have come to rely on them. 

Manufacturers understand this, and are constantly innovating to ensure quality products are available for customers to choose from. Heavy appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators have long been identified by environmentalists for their harmful impact on the planet due to their emission of chloro fluoro carbons (CFCs). To combat this, manufacturers have begun designing products keeping in mind alternative solutions. In the air conditioning industry, O General AC and LG ACs have been especially lauded for their products which consume significantly lesser power than more traditional models. 

Global warming and climate change have emerged as a matter of concern for governments and citizens the world over. Companies are also not far behind in ensuring they play a part towards proactively preventing further damage to the planet. Many companies are now focusing more on creating energy efficient home appliances, read on to learn why. 

  • Build a Good Connection with Consumers by Saving them Money:
    Power efficient appliances are preferred by consumers owing to the fact that they consume lesser power and result in lower power bills, which saves them money. By building power efficient home appliances, companies are helping consumers save money and thus achieving popularity with them. Consumers will also favour such manufacturers over their contemporaries who build power guzzling appliances that cost an enormous amount of power and money to function.
  • Pressure from the Government:
    Governments the world over have also begun taking climate change seriously, and are proactively taking measures to reduce the impact that humans have on the environment. They impose pressure on manufacturers to build machines which are power efficient and enable consumers to lead comfortable lives without exerting any negative influence on the world.
  • Helps them Diversify their Business:
    Companies in the business of building appliances can also advise consumers on how best to optimise their power usage. This is only one way in which companies are diversifying their business portfolios. However, this is an opportunity open only for companies that are prominently building energy efficient appliances. If companies are themselves seen to not care about the environment by building products that harm the planet and further increase threats to climate change, consumers will definitely not approach them for any further reason. This will only result in the company hurting its own prospects.
  • To Pioneer the Change:
    The world is on the cusp of change with the global community beginning to take notice of environmental concerns such as climate change and global warming. At this time, if companies make a shift towards building energy efficient home appliances, they are likely to emerge as pioneers. Power efficient appliances are bound to be a compulsion for companies and individuals within the next couple of years and if companies take the plunge now, they will be able to lead the change and be seen as more reliable and experienced in the field.
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Building power efficient home appliances is a positive step being taken by companies which will not only aid the world but also their own business. Some products and their manufacturers, such as with LG AC and O General ACs, are already gaining acclaim due to their power saving capabilities. If price is a concern for you, consider the alternative /payment facilities available with Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. You can easily buy more than a million products with a pre-approved limit of Rs. 4 lakh and repay the no cost EMIs over a flexible repayment tenure.

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