Special Two Wheeler Loan Offers for Ladies


Owning a two-wheeler in India is a dream come true for many women. Scooters or two-wheelers is a ticket to independence for many women. However, the slowing economy has put a dent in the coffers for many. Many urban families have put off purchases of a two-wheeler.

Moreover, sadly, many used two-wheelers often become the first ride for ladies in urban Indian families. But you don’t have to compromise anymore. Select loan offers to purchase a new two-wheeler are here. 

Below are five features of these special offers:

100% Finance

Companies, whether it be insurance companies or finance companies, consider women to be the better when it comes to handling finance. Various lending institutes offer up to 100% finance for women to purchase their dream two-wheeler. While loan schemes like Bharatiya Mahila bank finance up to 90% of the total costs, lenders like Muthoot Fincorp offer 100% financing options. So, if you are dreaming of getting a new two-wheeler, time to wait is over!

Low-Interest Rates

There are many different loan schemes to choose from for ladies. However, the most important deciding factors for most are the interest rates. Schemes like Muthoot Fincorp two wheeler loan for ladies start from as little as 0.99%. There are major banks in the business that offers loans as well. However, this is likely to be the best deal you will find. 

Income Proof 

Loan schemes for women are a pleasant surprise as ladies can avail two-wheeler loans with or without income proof under some plans. Moreover, you can also avail of a two-wheeler loan for ladies with asset proofs. While these options are also available to men, lenders do take the extra step for women. For example, Muthoot Fincorp two-wheeler loan for ladies can provide large sums at the start of their career with up to 1-year gross income as the loan amount at the beginning of your first job. So, put on that helmet and get ready to drive to work every day! 

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Choice of Bikes 

When choosing a two-wheeler, you will find no shortage of opportunities. Schemes like Muthoot Fincorp two-wheeler loans for ladies’ finances electric vehicles, regular scooters, mopeds, and anything in between. So, if you like a bike you see on the road – do not hesitate to ask for its price. It can be yours if you wish.

Flexible EMI 

Loan schemes can vary widely when it comes to the loan durations. However, most loan schemes provide 4-5 years period for you to pay back the loan. It is excellent as if you purchase a two-wheeler for Rs. 60,000; you can pay the loan back with as little as Rs. 1,500 per month. Additionally, the small amounts will ensure that you never have to worry about losing your job or any other uncertainties in life. Great deal, right? 

So, are you ready to go for a long ride this Sunday afternoon? What about a road-trip with your friends? A bike is a ticket to freedom for most. Don’t let anything stop you from living your life to the fullest this year.


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