Small Scale Industries Ideas in India 2020: Best ideas to Implement


Today we are going to discuss some best Small Scale Industries Ideas which you can implement today itself. 

Starting a business is one of the biggest dreams which I have before completing my college degree. I use to think starting a business is very easy as compared to going job. 

One thing which I have clear in mind is I can’t do a job in life. I want to become my own boss. So, after completing engineering studies I started exploring some of the best Small Scale Industries Ideas which I can implement.

I started with small just because I had no money to invest in the business and also the risk of getting fail in businesses is low in Small Scale Industries as compare to big business.

It has been more than 2 years and I am still running my business with profit. I learned to many things. in the starting month, I also faced too many bad things which are heartbreaking for the youngster. But still, I am happy and feeling good that I choose business over Job.

Before starting a business, I spend more than 4 months in researching and finding perfect Business for me. In this time, I founded some of the best Small Scale Industries Ideas which I think anyone can implement from day one. I Already shared My best 21 Small Scale Business ideas which you can check. But today we will talk about my all-time favorite 3 business which you can do with your Job also.

So, Lest Start:

Small Scale Industries Ideas

 All the Job which I am going to discuss here needs no investment or a small amount of investment. You just need some basic things. An Internet connection and Laptop is a must for this idea.

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Small Scale Industries Ideas

So, let’s see our 3 best ideas:

#1. Blogging 

Many People Start Blogging. They open their website but don’t treat their blogging as a business which results in failure. Always treat your Blogging as a Business.

This will help you to make lots of money. I started my website and currently, I am working on this website only.

In past, I made a website and earned thousands of dollars from this website. You just hosting and domain name which you can buy from Bluehost in less than 4 dollars for a month.  

#2. Freelancing

One of the best things about today’s Generation is everything is online. People Hire sone other people to do work online. Freelancing is trending everywhere. It is Easy and Cost-effective for Hirer. 

I saw many times people pay thousands of dollars for work which requires one day of work to complete. One of my friends earns thousands of dollars per month by just doing freelancing work.

Fiver is one of the best Freelancing platforms available on the internet. You just need to create a Gig on Fiver and the Customer will directly come to you for the work. 

#3. Ecommerce Business

Websites like Shopify is now helping induvial to open their Ecommerce Business. Starting an Ecommerce Business is Every easy nowadays.

You just need hosting and domain name. You can sell your product or choose an affiliate program to sell products online.

Shopify is the best place if you are looking for Ecommerce Setup for your website.


Starting your own business is fun. I shared my best 3 Small Scale Industries Ideas which you can start just now. You need to learn many things if you want to do business. 

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Business is not an option. It is the only option If you really want to make big money.

Let me know I you have any other ideas. Share this post with your family and friends.


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