Should I learn to drive in a manual or an automatic car?


Before starting your driving lessons there are several factors that can help you to decide whether you should learn to drive an automatic or manual car. It is a personal choice and also depends on the availability of the car for the practice. In some places, if you get a license for an automatic car then you are not permitted to drive the manual car until you fully pass the driving test in manual car driving. But an automatic car offers more convenience there will be no gear changes as the car will do it for you, etc.

There are definite pros and cons in both the driving. The decision of learning depends on the circumstances and personal preferences’. L- Team Driving School offers Manual and automatic driving lessons from the best instructors at the same price. 

Manual Transmission


  • If you learn manual driving it can help you to become more in tune with your vehicle, you will be able to balance it better, better control, and flow which can give you a better understanding of your vehicle. 
  • If you have a manual driving license you can choose over the manual and automatic vehicle, as its license can work on both
  • With a manual driving license, you can drive other vehicles in an emergency situation and can have more options while purchasing a vehicle.
  • You can control the performance of your vehicle very easily. 
  • You gain more skills and become more tune with your vehicle
  • Manual vehicles are cheaper than automatic vehicles and are quite easy and cheaper to fix. 
  • Manual vehicles are more fuel-efficient and are more fun to drive. 
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  • The manual vehicle is hard to run
  • Learning manual driving can be costlier 
  • It requires a lot of time and practice

Automatic Transmission


  • Learning automatic transmission is quite easier
  • No need to synchronize your limb control, clutch, accelerator, etc. you don’t have to give stress to your body.
  • Navigation becomes easier
  • Heavy traffic can be handled easily with brakes and accelerators
  • You don’t have to worry about gear selection
  • Hill starts are easy
  • You can pass your test sooner and save your money as well


  • You can only drive automatic vehicles
  • Automatic vehicles are less fuel-efficient
  • The automatic vehicle can go out of sync on the road and can be out of your control.
  • Learning automatic driving can be costlier than that of other driving. 

The individual decision about learning automatic or manual driving depends on the future plan and the availability, but to find the correct package to enhance the driving skills you can contact L- Team Driving School. 

In L- Team Driving School we provide a number of Crash Courses in Manchester and Intensive Driving Course which can fulfill your preferences and requirements. 

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