Relishing The Fantasy Football Game Through Playerzpot

fantasy football

In case one wants to play online fantasy football and relish all the things associated with the game without any kind of physical effort, then one can go with the option of This is a highly safe and secure platform to fulfil all these kinds of requirements of the people. On this particular platform, one will be undertaking the task of making a team and then gaining a lot of points and prizes. This platform will provide a means to use the existing skills of people regarding the game of football in a more realistic and great manner.

The game allows using the craze for football in the right direction so that one can enjoy as well as on a good amount of money. The process to begin with this platform is very easy. The platform can provide several leagues of football so that one can begin with this journey and enjoy a lot. Playing on this platform is highly safe and secure. This platform does not come under the category of gambling and is a hundred per cent legal in India.

 The basic steps to be followed to play this game have been mentioned as follows:

  1. The first step is to register on the Playerzpot.
  2. The second step is to select a particular match and then click on join it.
  3. 3rd step is to create a team consisting of 11 players which includes one goalkeeper maximum five defenders, maximum five midfielders and maximum three attackers.
  4. Next step is to select the star player and captain of the team. This step is very crucial because they are very much important to score good points.
  5. After this one will get the points depending on the actual performance of the players which one has selected.

All the players have to be selected within the fixed budget provided by the platform and the budget is of 1000 gems. Side by side utilizing the football knowledge one can achieve a large number of benefits from this game. One can refer to this game for earning a good mode of bonus for a lifetime. One can even get this linked with the bank account so that one can withdraw the amount whenever required. The platform also provides various kinds of cashback and bonuses to attract the users to it.

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 Following is the process to download the fantasy football app:

There are two options to download this particular app. Number one option is to go to the link and download it from there and the second option is to go to the webpage of the official website of and then download the particular app. One must download the app in APK format because the app is not available on the play store. After the downloading of the app, one has to install it by opening it.

After one has clicked on the open button the app will automatically begin to install. After all this, it will be automatically installed on the smartphone or the device which one is using. Hence, the installation process is very easy and anybody can do it.

Some of the most important decisions associated with the game have been mentioned as follows:


  1. Selecting the midfielders: a team requires a minimum three and maximum of five midfielders. One can select them by having a proper look at the previous records of the players. One must also take into consideration players who have good attacking records as it will be directly affecting the points. In case both of the teams are performing well, then one can also go with selecting midfielders from each team.


2. Selecting the defenders: This is another important decision and one can go with minimum three and maximum of five defenders. Selection of defenders would also help in scoring good points in case one does this thing effectively. One must not depend upon a single team as it can lead to high chances of losing the match. One must also go with the option of defenders who have good attacking records.

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3. Selecting the attackers and forwards: every team requires a minimum one and maximum of three attackers. One must also select the attackers from different teams depending upon their goal-scoring capacities. One must conduct a proper background check before selecting any of the attackers. Another good strategy to be implemented here is that one must make sure that the attacker is either a star player or the captain of the team. This is the way to score a good amount of points in the match.


4. Selecting the goalkeepers: every team requires a single goalkeeper. These are very interesting players as they can help in scoring a good amount of points if they play well. One must select the goalkeeper who is good in this task and is in proper form.


5. Selecting the star players and the captain: This is another great strategy and the most crucial decision to be taken during the game. One must go with the option of selecting the attacker as a star player of the captain as this will help in scoring a good amount of points. Another option is to go with selecting defenders as the star player. If the defender is too good then one can also select him as the captain of the team. One must also make sure that the star player and the captain are never from the same team as there are very few chances that both of them from the same team will perform well. This will adversely affect the points of the player.


These kinds of games also provide a good amount of mental exercise as one has to make various decisions and strategies regarding the selection of the team members so that overall points are never sacrificed and one earns a good amount of money side-by-side in the form of prizes and bonuses. Fantasy football is considered to be the best time pass activity which also helps to earn money. The platform can accept the payments from all the credit and debit cards from the leading banks as well as the Paytm for the convenience of the users.

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