Protection Plans for Gadgets-A Quick Overview

Tablet protection plan

Latest gadgets like smartphones, tablets, or laptops are quite expensive. These take a few months’ savings. Protecting that investment is important. You will not want to spend again if something happens to that gadget soon. Technology protection plans are a good way to secure your investment.

Why Technology Protection Plans?

Technology protection plans cover several issues. These can come in handy in case you need a replacement. Most of the technology protection plans cover the following issues like

  • If the damage is a result of normal use and accidents
  • In case of theft, you will have to file a police report to claim for reimbursement
  • Damage from the fire also needs a police report
  • If the loss or damage as a result of natural disaster
  • If power surge triggers the damage
  • Damage from any vandalism. If found guilty, the miscreant will pay for it

Steps Before Buying a Protection Plan

The market is full of protection plans. Each comes with unique facilities, extraordinary coverage plans, and details. But take a pause and think about what you need before taking the leap of buying one. Your smart investment for smart gadgets can save you from future troubles.

  1. Portable Devices

Portable devices are always vulnerable. When you are on the move, accidents can happen. As a result, your device may get damaged. Someone can steal it, or miscreants can vandalize it. The gist is it will attract troubles.

  • Before buying, read the legal document to know details
  • Some plans do not cover the mechanical damage
  • In some plans you will not get coverage for accidental loss
  • Saves repairing expenses
  1. Paying the Provider
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The plan has to be pocket-friendly as well. This is an add-on as you have already spent a notable amount on your device. So, check a few things first.

  • Take a note of the premium
  • Electronic gadgets lose value fast due to change in trends or technology
  • That is why high premiums do not make any sense
  • If you want to change a warranty plan, you can do it within 14 days

You can get a coverage plan from

  • An insurance provider
  • A third-party service provider
  • There are some on-demand service providers as well
  1. Check Out

You have to check certain things before you buy the plan. Plans differ from each other. Find out what it covers and how it is better from the rest.

  • Whether it gives you a replacement if your device gets stolen. Good service providers deliver this within two days
  • Look for short time travel cover if you frequently fly outside the country or have a travel plan abroad
  • Whether it covers mechanical failures
  • Whether it covers accidental damage or loss
  • Some plans cover accessories like headphones and mouse
  1. How to Claim

There are things to consider before you take action on claiming.

  • If it is stolen, then lodge a complaint within two days. The police report is important
  • Keep your procurement proof intact
  • Contact your service providers to disable the sim
  • In some cases, these service providers can clear the data from a remote location
  • You can track your phone using GPS

Some companies offer technology protection plans with the device. Samsung protection plan is quite effective.

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Some Extra Measures

Think about a chance where you lost your tablet. This can reveal your private data and payment details. In 2018, hackers stole almost half a billion of personal records. Stealing your phone can be the first step.

Tablet protection plans or plans for a smartphone can be the first step to safeguard your prospects. In 2016, 95% of the breached data were from government, technology, and retail. This makes the process more essential.

  • Never make bank transactions using Wi-fi
  • Do not save passwords in your phone
  • Add an extra layer of security in your apps
  • Check whether the site you visit is authentic or not
  • Keep an eye on your phone to see any anomaly in the operation


From data theft to device theft or damage, technology protection plans cover myriad issues. There are several service providers. Some of them are credible. This will make your choice easier. Do not hesitate to spend some time on coverage-related research. It will help you in your search for maximum security without burning a hole in your pocket.

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