Pro Tips To Make Your Children Wear Masks Daily

kids' masks

Whether it is to contain the common health hazards pressing the alarm or the increasing pollution in multiple cities, masks have been part and parcel of everyone’s life. People have been using masks to maintain safety standards at the workplace against viruses and flu. But the real challenge comes when you have to motivate kids to wear the masks. Kids masks are in the market that you can order online to protect your children from unwanted diseases and viruses.

But if you find it hard to convince them to wear the same, here are a few pro-tips that you can use right away and witness a significant change in their attitude.

Make Them Understand the Importance Of Masks

Kids follow in the footsteps of the elders, especially their parents. If you want to motivate them to wear the kids’ masks, you need to first set-up an example by wearing the adult masks and make them realize the importance of wearing masks. You have taught them the importance of washing the hands before eating; similarly, you made them practice covering the mouth while sneezing to prevent the spread of virus and flu. Likewise, by only making them aware of the importance of masks, they would be eager to practice wearing them quite often.

Mitigate their Frustrations

Kids are highly frustrated when their freedom is compromised. When you are compelling them to wear the mask, it is kind of an obligation for them. At present, the pandemic situation has already made them home confined, and the best way to motivate them would be to reduce their frustrations. You can make them realize that when they wear masks, they are breaking the chain of the Novel CoronaVirus pandemic. It will result in faster recovery, and better results will follow for the upcoming days. Once they believe that just a minute adjustments can bring back old days where they can play in open, they will be motivated to wear the masks.

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Practicing at the Right Time

Children are quite weird most of the time. They have rigorous mood swings that happen quite often. The best way to deal with it is by convincing them to wear the mask when they are in a good mood. Make them embrace the importance of mask-wearing when they are well fed, in a playful mood, and completely satisfied with what they have.

Set up a Practice Session

Children might not be aware of how to wear the kids’ masks. The best way to make them learn art is to make them practice at home. Make them practice mask-wearing for more than 30 to 60 seconds, and you will witness that they learn faster. Once they start to learn the art, they will be eager to apply it and get praise for the same. Children like gratification, and you can use this trait of theirs to motivate them to wear the masks correctly. It will keep their morale up and make them wear the masks quite often for rewards.

Incentivization for Discipline

The best policy is an incentive-driven habit that they can cultivate and practice for long. You can set-up an incentive scheme for your children. Like, if they wear the mask for these many hours, they will be entitled to get these many benefits.  You can specifically mention the benefits, like chocolates and video games, taking them to Comicon, shopping, or gaming zone.  You can even reward them with their favorite toys or favorite place that they like to visit. All of these incentives will drive them to wear the kids’ masks and protect them from viruses and pollution.

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It is very tough to make children follow a habit for complete protection and safety. The present situation calls for a proactive attitude from parents, where they influence the children to wear masks daily.

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