Key Differences Between Men’s Toupee And Wigs


Degraded hair quality leading to hair loss, reduced growth, male or female pattern baldness, etc. is one of the most concerning issues amongst the youth nowadays and middle-aged people. While experts suggest changing the dietary patterns and induce more vitamins into the system, there’s no guarantee that your hair would grow back.

It is the main reason why men’s toupee and wigs are flooding the markets today. People now expect to have immediate results without trying several products with less or no assurance at all. Although hair transplant surgery is also an option, using hairpieces and wigs causes no side effect, infections, scarring, etc. unlike the former.

But even these toupees and wigs are not similar to each other. Although people often tend to mix these terms up and use one for the other, the concept of both differs to a great extent.

From the purpose for which the people use them to the process of wearing them, the following are some key differences which you must know before deciding which one to buy:

1. The Purpose

Although both might look similar, there’s a significant distinction in their usage and purpose.

  • Whether for men or women, Toupees were created to help them mask the bald spots or consequences of starting hair loss. They are a type of hairpieces, which can be attached to the targeted area on the head.
  • On the other hand, Wigs are older than toupees and serve as an alternative to the existing hair or entirely bald heads. Originally, wigs were worn as an accessory to prevent the heads from the sun’s direct heat. They were even regarded as items that provided rank, social status, etc. to the early days.
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But with time, their usage got categorized. Many people who suffer complete baldness prefer to wear wigs rather than toupees. Often, celebrities are spotted with wigs to contrast their hairstyles with their dresses or characters.

2. Coverage Area

After understanding their concepts, it has become quite evident that the area they cover also differ.

  • Since the toupeeshelp mask specific hair thinning spots or baldness, their coverage area is less. Usually, the men’s toupees end to cover the crown part only.
  • But wigs enclose your entire head, and the hair attached to them might even stretch till your waist!

3. Attachment Method

Another significant variation amongst the two types of non-surgical hair replacement systems is their attachment method.

  • Toupees, since they cover a lesser area, can be stuck to your hair using adhesives like hairpiece tapes, glues, and clips.
  • On the other hand, wigs do not need any bondage to stay on your head. They can be easily worn and removed like a cap.



So, even though toupees and wigs might look profoundly similar to each other, there’s massive variation between them. Toupees are regarded as hairpieces that help hide specific bald spots or areas where your hair is beginning to thin. At the same time, wigs come with dual purposes. They can be used in case of complete baldness as well as for theatrical or entertainment needs.


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