How To Choose The Best Research Paper Topics and Ideas?


The students who often search for “Can someone help me in writing my essay?” are found struggling with the very first step of essay writing i.e. choosing a topic. Are you one of them? If yes, then we have good news for you. You can now simply choose a topic by implementing our 5-step process.

You don’t have to check online for “research paper for sale” because our strategy will simplify the process of selection and instead of hiring professionals in the first attempt you can give it a try yourself.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Brainstorm a few ideas and topics and note them down

Don’t consider a research paper for sale directly that is available online. Instead, read books, research papers, and scientific magazines to spot a few topics. Make sure the topics you choose still have value to provide. Some of the topics are so common that readers prefer to skip it than read it. Your topic should cover an interesting niche, idea, or concept that still has many new angles to cover.

  1. Sort the ones that interest you the most

After brainstorming ideas you must have at least 15-16 topics in your list. Now your job is to circle the ones where your knowledge lies. If you choose a topic you are strong in you will always write better on it than others. Select the topics on which you can do justice.

2. Narrow down the list further with research

After selecting the topics of interest you should have only 5-6 ideas. Now you must select 1-2 only and check how much resources are available for them. The one that has more literature to support is a good option to choose from. You can also narrow it down based on the strong thesis you can develop out of those topics.

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3. Turn your topic into a question

Here you turn your topic into a question and see if you can find answers to it. Consider you and the audience both in this process. Imagine the kinds of thoughts/answers a reader will be looking for when they go through your topic.

4. See if the topic selected can have an outline

Last but not the least, choose the one topic after the whole series of considerations and try making a rough outline. You don’t have to make a very elaborative one but a good enough outline that can give you an idea that it will work. The topic should have enough scope that can cover one main viewpoint followed by 2-3 sub-points. If not then you should explore one of the other shortlisted topics.


Though you may feel that research paper topic selection is a complicated process and a better option is to look for a research paper for sale”. We promise our simple formula will work wonders for you. You don’t have to go around asking who can help me in writing my essay?” and can simply do it yourself with the utmost ease.

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