Marrying Japanese Men can prove to be dangerous


This is what happens to an American woman in Japan. She is chased by her Japanese husband. He mistreated her in many ways and now he is taking her to court.

To whom It May Concern,
This is a statement regarding Caiya Kawasaki.

I have been in contact with Caiya as an individual and as a friend for over 40 years.

It goes back to the age of 12. We grew up in nearby cities and met in high school.

We have been friends ever since and have stayed in touch by phone about once a week. I have always known her to be kind and to have a moral and values.

Caiya as mother of Anza (Keito) and Zion always loving and caring. She has always been someone we could all consider to be a responsible and respectable person.

She is the only one who brings up and takes care of her children.

When we were conversing by phone calls from the 90s until recently.

I could shout voices in the background. I could hear children’s voices like “Daddy stop!”, The voice of a man (Mayo) shouting for money while shouting. The cries of Caiya, her husband also in the midst of a state of live violence, like doors breaking. The cell phone was broken. Many appeared to be caused by Mayo’s drunkenness.

Looking at the photos of Caiya from that time, she is also deeply stressed, and is quite mentally traumatized, emotionally and physically abused, that’s clear.

When I met Caiya, I saw several times that there were a number of bruises that looked black and blue on her legs and arms.

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She always kept her mind on it and raised her children with care and deep love as always.

There appear to have been many cases where brutality was still directed against children.

Zion said, “Mom has been subjected to violence from Dad. Please help me and me. “Or” How can I protect my mom. “

Anza (Keito) repeatedly: “I want to leave Japan early because I hate my father since she was a child. . I have heard this many times.

And I felt that the life they had endured was so traumatic and that it seriously affected them.

I told him to come back to America as soon as possible because it was not safe with the violence. Caiya, who grew up in a small town, always said that I couldn’t think of a divorce. “

I hope this evidence will better guide Caiya’s current situation.

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