Important Things to Consider Before Installing Glass Kitchen Splashbacks


Incorporating tinted glass splashback into any kitchen interior design is a fantastic way to spruce up the aesthetics. Asides from being visually appealing, it’s highly functional at the same time.

Installing a glass splashback onto the wall behind your sink or stovetop has many other advantages as well. But before knowing its benefits, let’s find out how many glass splashback options are available for you.

 Types of Glass Splashback

Usually, glass splashbacks come in various colours and styles, making them suitable for any interior design. Here are some commonly available glass splashback designs that you may choose for your cooking space:

Digitally-printed glass splashback

If you want to add a personalized touch to your kitchen interior, you may get your glass splashback printed digitally in an image of your choice. The back-lit glass splashback in your desired shot is a great way to highlight a specific area in your kitchen.

You may change the texture and finish of the final product in metallic, matte, polished or frosted look. Some manufacturers even provide kitchen glass splashbacks in different shapes. So, you don’t just have to stick with the idea of having only a rectangular or square splashback. If you like to experiment, you can choose your glass splashback in any other shape, such as round or hexagon, to make the interior unique. 

Frosted glass splashback

The frosted glass splashback is another stylish design to install behind your cooking stove. If you have a free-standing stovetop or cooker, you may install the splashback just below the work area height starting from the rear of your stove/cooker for a clean and sleek visual finish. 

Toughened 6mm glass splashback

This is another popular glass splashback design for modern kitchens. You can go for transparent or natural green colour for a tinted effect. You may even install a matching coloured light for an inviting aesthetic appeal. 

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Mirrored glass splashbacks 

This glass splashback design is becoming popular due to its fashion-forward appeal. Being heat-resistant and available in different colours like bronze, silver and smoky effect, it’s perfect for modern kitchen renovations. 

Essential Considerations When Choosing Glass Splashback

It would help if you considered the following things when choosing a glass splashback:


Since glass splashbacks are expensive than tiles and other acrylic materials, you need to have an extra budget for these installations. So, be prepared before you visit a store for choosing a glass splashback of your choice. 

Visual Appeal

Glass splashbacks are available in various colours and hence, easy to blend into any interior style. However, you need to be careful with this material, as it won’t bear any incorrect usage.

Fitting and Installation

When choosing a glass splashback, you must ask your supplier or fabricator about its fire safety and fitting needs. If you want to install it behind your stove, you must know the minimum safe distance from the gas to the splashback. It will ensure that the installed material does not damage or melt due to constant heat.

However, using toughened glass splashbacks in this area is safe, as they are resistant to heat. 


The best thing about glass splashbacks is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Since it has a non-porous and rigid surface, it won’t allow spills to absorb into its surface and lead to bad staining. The glass splashbacks have a seamless surface, unlike tiles, so you need not worry about grout and dirt accumulation as well. 

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Before buying a glass splashback, you need to ask the supplier about its warranty. An extended manufacturer warranty assures you that the product will last long and hence, gives you peace of mind. 

Installation Process of Glass Splashback

Following are the simple steps to install a glass splashback:

  1. Prepare the Surface 

When installing a glass splashback, you need to prepare the available surface with proper cleaning. This is because glass is a transparent material, so you wouldn’t want any smudges or marks to show on its surface. 

  1. Measure the Area

Measure the area where you want to install the glass splashback. Getting the measurements right is essential to ensure that your splashback properly fits the given space. 

  1. Apply Silicone Sealant 

Make sure to protect your glass splashback material before applying a silicone sealant. This will save your time on cleaning later on. When you are about to install a glass splashback, you must use clear silicone to ensure that it won’t ruin the look of the splashback after installation. 

  1. Place Splashback

Once the sealant is applied, place the glass splashback carefully and wait for it to dry. Wait for up to 24 hours before touching the glass splashback again. If you’re not skilled enough to install a glass splashback yourself, it’s best to hire professional fabricators to do the job professionally. 


Now that you know all about the type, installation process and important considerations before choosing a glass splashback, you can make the right purchase decision without any confusion. However, it’s best to take the help of professional suppliers and fabricators before making the buying decision.

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