How To Find The Best Breast Reduction Plastic Surgeons Near Me


Breast reduction surgery

Do you have big breasts that are disproportionate to the rest of your body? Do you experience back or neck pain because of this? Are you a man with gynecomastia? The remedy you are looking for maybe a breast reduction surgery. Excess fat, skin, and tissue are removed from the breasts in the procedure. Most clients leave satisfied with the results and are relieved from the pain and other symptoms. It is major surgery and the results will alter your body forever so one must know about the benefits, side-effects, and more. “Where to find the best breast reduction plastic surgeons near me” is a question that bothers most people. Let’s find out.

Preparation and recovery

The most important part of the preparation process would be consulting a doctor. The doctor must be aware of why you need a breast reduction surgery. You must also tell them about the medication you take, your family’s medical history, whether you have had any lumps removed from your breasts, other habits like smoking, and more. Doctors also usually ask about any emotional and physical conditions you may have had regarding your breasts and talk about how much you wish to reduce it. You must be in good shape for a breast reduction surgery. The doctor will also ask you to temporarily stop smoking and other related habits.

For recovery, you may need a lot of ice, gauze or the right compression garment to wear, clean clothes and towels, special ointments recommended by your doctor, etc. Also, try to arrange somebody to drive you home and stay with you for a while after the surgery. You will most probably be sent home with your breasts bandaged or in a surgical bra. You may also need some painkillers for the recovery process. It may take three to four weeks for the tissues to heal completely.

Benefits of the surgery

  • Pain relief: Most women with big breasts experience back, neck, and shoulder pain, also known as musculoskeletal issues. Over time, this pain could lead to migraines, numbness, pinched nerves, and more. Patients can experience pain relief almost immediately and improve their quality of life considerably.
  • Increases physical activity: Most women with big breasts can agree that their breasts often restrict them from engaging in physical activities like dancing, running, jumping, etc. Not only is it restricting them from moving freely, but they may also hurt after a while.
  • Helps to improve self-confidence and image: Breasts that are disproportionate to each other or your body could be something that affects your self-confidence and the way you see yourself. This is also applicable to men with gynecomastia. The surgery helps to improve your self-confidence in this way.
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How to find the best plastic surgeon?

The first question you should ask if you are considering breast reduction surgery is “how to find good breast reduction plastic surgeons near me?” As mentioned before, breast reduction is major surgery, so finding a reliable plastic surgeon is essential. You can ask the doctor about their board certification, experience, training, and references to previous patients. Patient testimonials can help in the process of finding a good plastic surgeon. You must also be able to communicate openly with the doctor.

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