Common Myths About Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgery is one of those surgical procedures that are still considered taboo in many cultures. Although people are becoming more acceptable regarding body modifications, still many are against it.

Despite the fact that the number of cosmetic surgery clinics in Dubai that offer the best plastic surgery treatments are rising, the misconceptions haven’t yet completely vanished.

Plastic Surgery

In this post, we have debunked some of them. Continue reading to find out more!

Common Myths About Plastic Surgery

Young People Shouldn’t Go for it

The most common misconception among people is that body enhancement is for the aged and younger people shouldn’t have it. Whereas, the ground reality is completely opposite! The earlier you start treatment for your signs of aging, the better the results are. Likewise, getting plastic surgery in older age doesn’t procedure the same desirable results as it can be achieved with younger skin especially in women.

Too Much Expensive

Another common delusion prevailing plastic surgery is the expense. Many people are of the opinion that undergoing this treatment will break their banks, which isn’t entirely true. Even though aesthetic procedures are a little costly, you can easily afford it.

This is why many plastic surgery centers in Dubai offer flexible financing options for different non-invasive procedures like Botox and fillers. You can easily get Botox treatment by spending just $350 in the US whereas in other countries it’s even cheaper like in India you can get in just $6 (per unit of botox).

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Only for Women

Previously, it was believed that aesthetic procedures are only for women not for men. Whereas, currently men constitute 15% of the patients that undergo cosmetic treatments and this number is rapidly increasing. Just like women, men also desire to look their best to land the job of their dreams. Regardless of what people say, looks do matter a lot and this is one of those top reasons that drive people to go under the knife.

It’s for Only for the Vain

People generally believe that plastic surgery is for the narcissists and those who are getting it are superficial. On the contrary, surveys show that people who underwent aesthetic treatments are leading a more satisfied and successful life than they were before. Plastic surgery doesn’t add years to your life rather it adds life to your years. People who opt for plastic surgery genuinely want to improve their quality of life.

Long Recovery Times

Like every other surgical procedure, plastic surgery also requires some recovery time but it’s only needed for surgical procedures. Non-surgical techniques such as cool sculpting, Botox, fillers etc. don’t require any downtime and you can straight go to work after getting them.

It’s Dangerous

Every surgery is dangerous and can result in complications. However, due to the extensive research in the field of aesthetics, the risks and complications involved with these procedures are greatly reduced. As a result. plastic surgeries such as breast augmentation are becoming quite common in the U.S. As per a report, during 2008 breast augmentation was the most common plastic surgery that was performed in the U.S. Likewise, the fat removal procedures are getting pretty popular in the UAE, the number of people who go for a tummy tuck in Dubai is surprisingly rising every year.

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It’s Painful

Many people think that undergoing plastic surgery can be extremely painful. However, this isn’t true as the aesthetic procedures particularly the non-invasive are nearly painless and you don’t feel anything. Whereas, surgical procedures might pain a bit just like any other surgery.

Clinics Are Better Than Hospitals

Majority of people think that if you want to go for aesthetic procedures, you should choose a clinic rather than a hospital. This is partially true. In some cases, clinics can prove to be a better choice, and in other cases, selecting a hospital may seem to be a wise idea. It depends on the clinic or hospital you have selected. If you want VIP treatment, then a private ambulatory clinic will be a better choice. Regardless of what your reasons are, if you’re undergoing surgery in a clinic, ensure beforehand that they’ve got an agreement with a hospital or not. Because in case of any surgical complications, you need to go to a hospital.

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