Guide For Successful Bounty Crypto Hunting

Bounty crypto hunting

Dating back to old times, a notice was supposed to be issued to grab people who were unlawful in the eyes of the government. This you might have seen in the movies too. But do you remember the term which was used to define this activity? If not, then let us remind you that it was called bounties. The people who successfully captured the wrongdoers were termed as bounty hunters. If you think these things have become past now, then you are wrong. Bounties and bounty hunters are still prevalent in today’s contemporary era. However, there is a change in context. If you too want to become a successful bounty crypto hunter, then follow the guide given below and know how to get success in bounty crypto hunting.

How To Get Success In Bounty Crypto Hunting

In today’s scenario of the crypto world, many blockchain startups come up with the idea of providing a bounty program to the users for carrying out tasks with an objective for marketing their ICO product. In return, they would be benefitted from fiat currency or even popular crypto tokens like Ethereum or Bitcoin. A native token is also included as a choice. There are many bounty programs that can be found with proper navigation. If you are successful in it, then you will get to know about the authentic programs that can result in providing you financial benefits. However, before you think about successful bounty crypto hunting, there is no harm in consulting an experienced bounty hunter, who will let you know about its dark side.

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Checking The Credibility Of The Bounty Project

It is advised to act smartly and don’t make any hasty move without checking the authenticity of the bounty project. It is very essential to keep this in mind because there are possibilities of scams here. So respect the value of time and avoid wasting your resources on a bounty project which doesn’t seem worthy at all. Now there arises a question about how to classify the authenticity or credibility of the project. So there are ways which you must follow.

Check The Quality Of White Paper

Checking a whitepaper of any bounty project is the safest measure to adopt. A whitepaper can help out investors about any kind of information which they are looking out for. This implies a reason that if an ICO does not have any whitepaper, then it is better to overlook it. Most of the time it has been noticed that investors don’t find it important to glance at whitepaper. This gives ICOs a chance to refer to cheap freelance writers with the purpose of simple outsourcing. 

Avoid Pyramid Scheme

Before dwelling into any successful hazy bounty crypto hunting, you must be careful enough to not rely on any such websites that promise Pyramid Scheme. Immediately dump it if it comes to you. There is no harm in taking advice from a crypto enthusiast who will guide you to not expect any guarantee in the world of cryptocurrency. 

Knowing The Team

Bounty crypto hunting is not a child’s play or in other words a simple activity. Before making any blunder mistake, it is better to know the team of the project. To check the project’s credibility, the best step which you must make is to visit the website and discover the names of team members through google. Apart from this, you can even refer LinkedIn to check their authenticity. If you find something fishy, then don’t go further. 

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Different Crypto Bounties Which You Must Know

While knowing about bounty crypto hunting, you need to be aware of different crypto bounties. These are classified into:

Translation bounty: As the name suggests, this bounty refers to the translation of the language of the website or a whitepaper to a different one. It becomes an easy way to connect with the audience. if you are good enough to speak and understand a foreign language, then the bounty which suits you is this.

Posting Blogs and Videos: This is one such bounty platform, where video posting and creation of blogs are needed for the marketing of ICO. This is also a successful crypto bounty hunting. if you have command over your writing skills, then bounties like video posting and blog writing are best for you.

Social Media bounty: As you know social media has become an essential part of our daily life. But apart from personal use, these platforms are being referred to as bounty platform for promotion and to be rewarded with payment according to it. if you have an impressive number of followers, then social media is the right choice for you.


So this was all about successful bounty crypto hunting. Bounty is not a new concept that you find in the crypto world. It dates back to olden times when bounties were issued by the government to nab the wrongdoers. Those who got success in this task were being rewarded by the government. It all happens even today, but if you see it in the context of the crypto world, then there is a bit change in it. Now, there are different types of bounties that are being used for promotional activities for ICOs. Before going for a bounty crypto hunting, you should follow the above guidelines. 

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