Everything Else You Need to Know About the One Funnel Away Challenge!

One Funnel Away Challenge

If you do not know so much about one funnel away challenge ,then here you can check out the details about it. It is expected that with the help of this challenge, you can level up and amplify the scale of your business. Most importantly, this training program is composed of 30 days.

 It is coached and trained by Russell Brunson and also Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen. Russell Brunson tells you about the why part of this training. Julie explains the How part and Stephen conducts and carries out the live group calls.

Lessons learned from this one funnel away challenge

In the very first week, you are going to be pre-trained. The trainer will be made to learn how to immerse himself in a proper mindset so that he can make himself all ready for the challenge. In the remaining four weeks, you will be provided with daily lessons and daily homework. 

Most noteworthy, this subject challenge is hosted right inside the FunnelHacker Community. You get a chance to interact and communicate with the rest of your fellow OFA participants.

Mission of one funnel away challenge

Week 1 Mission: The trainers will learn why design is so important for their websites. In addition, the user will realize the importance of investing in design. You will start to create amazing and appealing visuals for your website.

Week 2 Mission: In week 2, your main and primary mission is to learn and get training why unique and high-quality content is crucial for your website. You start to practice writing top-notch content for your business products.

Other benefits offered by One Funnel Away Challenge

Apart from getting exclusive training, you will be provided with a physical package in the form and

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Version of OFA Challenge Kit.

In this kit, you will get a “30 Days” Hardcover book. This one is a 550 page book. Here you can read about the detailed plans as to how to start your business.

Then the kit comes along with a spiral bound copy linked and connected to One Funnel Away Challenge workbook. In this physical workbook, you will be provided with a checklist that you need to complete to further enhance your online business development skills.

Lastly, the kit comes and packed with a MP3 player. In this MP3 player, you will get all of the audio recordings that are given by Russell Brunson and also Stephen.

Price of One Funnel Away Challenge cost?

To avail this challenge, it is going to cost you $100. Moreover, if you want to get the OFA Challenge Kit, then pay for shipping charges that is around and about $19.95 if you are living in the USA.


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