Comparing The Best Stockbrokers Of 2020 Operating In India



Stockbrokers are known for providing various facilities which help in making the process of stock market investment easy and hassle-free. Investors require a medium through which they can invest in stock market securities easily and efficiently. Various types of stockbrokers operate in India providing their services at competitive prices. Moreover, various corporate bodies have started to provide their services to individual investors and clients enabling them to invest in various types of securities with efficiency.

There are various online websites through which one can get a list of the most popular and versatile stock brokerage company in India. Best stock broker in India 2020 can be identified through such a list:

  • Wisdom Capital

Being one of the best-reviewed stock brokerage firms in India, Wisdom Capital provides various services that allow investors to participate in the stock market investment process using a hassle-free approach. Zero brokerage plans and lifetime investment plans allow investors to invest by paying low brokerage rates. The provision of online and application-based trading platforms makes it one of the most reliable and technologically intensive companies in India.

  • IDBI paisa builder

IDBI paisa builder is a subsidiary of IDBI bank ltd. The firm offers various types of investment plans allowing investors to park their surplus funds in best investment vessels like SIP. An individual can invest in stock market securities like shares, IPOs, mutual funds, and other types of securities actively traded on the stock market. Provision of both online and offline trading services makes IDBI paisa builder one of the best firms in India for available necessary brokerage services.

  • Kotak Securities:
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Kotak Securities is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kotak Mahinder bank ltd. The firm is known for providing various plans and facilities including the ability to open 3 in 1 Demat, trading, and bank account using which one can invest, trade, and carry out banking activities. Employing a team of qualified professionals providing necessary assistance and support services at competitive prices makes Kotak Securities one of the best firms in India for availing stock market investment facilities.

  • RKSV

A Discount Brokerage company based in Mumbai, RKSV provides professional and quality services which an individual can employ for making informed decisions in the Investment process. The firm provides various investment plans including the monthly and yearly brokerage payment plans which provide the necessary flexibility to an individual. The company charges low brokerage rates i.e. ₹20 per transaction which as compared to other firms and discount brokerage companies in India is lower. The additional facility of free first five transactions makes RKSV one of the best discount brokerage firms in India.

  • CompositEdge:

Various investment plans and other facilities are provided which allows investors to avail of necessary services at attractive prices. Provision of an online trading platform and other services makes CompositEdge one of the best firms in India providing discount brokerage services.

Out of all the above-mentioned stockbrokers and companies, Wisdom Capital is termed as the best stockbroker in India 2020. The company is known for providing various affordable services catering to different customers and clients engaged in the stock market investment process.

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