Cataract Surgery – Dos & Don’ts


A cataract is a very common eye condition that occurs in both aged patients and in some cases to younger patients. Surgery is the best treatment option for this eye condition. After a thorough analysis of the eye test reports and other medical tests of the patient, the surgeon will recommend surgery.

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Recovery Time After Cataract Operation

Not every cataract patient is a retired person or aged. Some are younger and working. The recovery time varies from person to person. There are some factors that determine the recovery of a patient post-cataract surgery are:

  • Your job life.
  • Your overall health condition.
  • Your age.
  • Your body’s response to the surgery.

For instance, a person who has to do a strenuous job, needs more time to recover after cataract surgery than a person who mostly stays at home.

So here are the few dos and don’ts that you need to follow after cataract surgery.


Always Use Your Prescribed Eye Drops

You should always use your prescribed eye drops after cataract surgery. You must not use any over-the-counter eye drops. Make sure you follow what your doctor said about taking proper eye drops at the right time. It is necessary that you take eye drops as per the given instructions to avoid any complications post-surgery. In case you have any query or confusion, talk with an expert eye specialist.

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Be Sure To Get A Protective Eyewear

Eyes become sensitive to light after any type of surgery. So wearing a shield over your eyes will protect it from strong lights. Also, you must keep your eyes from dust and pollution. Wearing a protective glass will save you from getting an infected eye after the surgery. An eye shield also protects your eyes from accidental rubbing.


Follow Every Advice And Instructions

Your doctor is your best friend after cataract surgery. Every advice your eye specialist gives you is important. You must follow their instructions without failure. In case you ignore the necessary advice, it may lead to complications in the eye.

Don’ts :

Never Use Soap And Water In Your Eye

For a given period of time as instructed by your ophthalmologist, you must not use soap or water on your face. You should not let soap or water enter your eyes. You must let your eyes heal naturally over time. Always cover your eyes while you take a bath or do any other work that involves water. Make sure that you do not use even plain water on your eyes.


Do Not Rub Your Eyes Or Press Them

If you rub your eyes, it can lead to infection. Rubbing or pressing operated eyes may increase the time of the healing and you will face certain complications. Always stay away from using your hands on your eyes. Your eyes may start to itch sometimes as part of the healing process, but you must resist the urge to rub.

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Do Not Start Strenuous Work

You must not be too active right after the surgery. Give yourself proper rest for the time period as said by your doctor before you start any work. You should not ignore the doctor’s advice and attempt to do a heavy activity. Rest is essential for better recovery without any side-effects. So make sure that you limit yourself from hard work or even household chores until your eye doctor says otherwise.


You need to remember that your eye will need time to heal after cataract surgery. So you must not allow anything to bring any harm to your eyes. Maintain all the precautions and instructions given to you and consult with an eye specialist if the need arises.

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