Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Placement Agency Services


Finding great candidates to fill vacancies is no mean feat. The steep rise in the rate of unemployment has resulted in more and more candidates applying for each vacant position. Second, those who already have the jobs are passive job-seekers, which means the best candidates among the employed cannot be reached if an organization does not have effective HR planning and resources to execute it. So, should organizations take professional placement services? To find an answer to this question, business owners need to know the advantages of collaborating with recruitment agencies. Read below to understand the benefits of hiring a manpower services agency.

1. Quick turnaround time

Placement consultancies help find the most suitable candidates within the shortest possible time. Your internal HR team won’t have to spend time checking hundreds of applications and profiles of the candidates just to shortlist a few qualified ones. A placement consultancy does that for you and sends only a top few candidates for your consideration. The entire process of finding, screening, and filtering the candidates expedites because recruitment agencies already have the resources and network to find the best talent. This definitely cuts short your time to hire.

2. Get cream of the crop

The well know Placement agencies like 3 Point Human Capital Pvt. Ltd send vetted candidates. This helps improve the quality of candidates in your staffing process. A large pool of pre-screened and pre-referenced candidates ensures that your internal HR teams and others in the selection team do not have to spend time on candidates who do not fit the bill. Also, agency recruiters are experts in candidate selection. Not only are they professionally trained to assess candidates, but their day-to-day experience in dealing with several candidates for a variety of job profiles polishes their skill to differentiate genuine candidates from those who exaggerate in resumes.

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3. Experts’ advise

Placement specialists work across industries, with multiple companies, and deal with many candidates in their everyday professional lives. Besides, they follow a domain-focused approach, which means there’s a dedicated team of HR specialists to manage hiring-related requirements for a particular industry, role, or level. They have more in-depth knowledge of the countrywide and worldwide industry trends in the targeted job market segments. As a result, placement consultants can provide you with value-adding insights and useful advice on how to find and hire better candidates.

4. Need-based services

Placement agencies help you find the right candidate not only in terms of skills and experience but the nature of the job too. Of course! It makes no sense to hire a full-time candidate for a short-term project or a contractual employee for a fixed position. A placement firm looks into these aspects and provides job candidates for full-time, temporary, and contractual positions. Another example could be that of payroll outsourcing services. If an organization can manage to hire but needs external help only for payroll services, then placement services companies are a great option to share the responsibilities.

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