Frequently Asked Questions About Adult Circumcision

adult circumcision

Performing surgery is the most important and sometimes difficult task for a person is the medical procedure. As there are many factors and aspects that can make the process either hard or effortless. There is also one thing that can contribute to the difficulty and that is the nervousness o the patient. It can have many negative effects.

Professional Questions Asked About Male Adult Circumcision

There are various ways to make this feeling of unease and anxiety go away for all kinds of surgeries and especially in adult circumcision. One of them is asking the right and professional questions and not the ones that are stupid. The following professional questions have to be asked by the patients.

Is The Circumcision Surgery For Adults Safe To Be Performed?

If you think that there are some surgical procedures that are free from risks; then you are been misguided. All surgical procedures whether they are major or minor have little complications. But the circumcision surgery has minor risks that can easily go away with proper care.

Does The Patient Feeling Any Pain During The Procedure?

The answer is no for all kinds of adult circumcision procedures and tools that are used. The surgeons use various types of anesthesia; to either numb the area of the penis or to keep the patient totally unconscious. In either way the patient will feel no pain at all.

What Is The Difference Between Traditional And Adult Circumcision?

The traditional circumcision is performed on new-born and young boys. This was done either for religious intensions or because it is in the culture of that region. But now adult circumcision in men are also having the surgery but for the opposite reason and that is for medical purposes.

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How Does The Procedure Work?

There is a traditional way of performing the surgery and then you have various latest devices. The steps of both the techniques are almost the same; the difference is in the use of tools for it. Initially the area of the penis is cleaned with an antiseptic solution. Then anesthesia is administered. When it is set then the excess skin is removed either with a surgical procedure or other devices.

Why Is It Important To Have It As An Adult?

There are more medical reasons for adults to have surgery rather than religious or cultural ones. Most adult men have the surgical procedure from various clinics including Circumcision Center because to avoid having STIs, HIV and also the hygiene of the penis is easier.

Does It Affect The Sexual Life?

Scientists and researchers have not yet come to a universal conclusion about whether men feel a change in their sexual life or not. Men feel differently after the surgery; some say that their experience was more but some didn’t report any change. This experience is all up to the person in question.

Is There Any Indication Of An Increase In The Penis’ Size?

When going through the circumcision pros and cons there is a most important point that makes men worry which is that size of the penis will change or not. There is no change in the size of the penis after the circumcision.

When The Stitches Are Removed Permanently?

When adult circumcision doctor performs the traditional surgical procedure; the stitches are removed after 2 weeks. There are procedures that involve dissolvable sutures that automatically fall off when it is time. But in several devices no kind of stitches are involved at all.

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When The Routine Jobs Can Be Continued?

The doctors recommend at least 1 week of full rest after the surgery with very little walking. Normal daily work can be continued after 3 weeks but no rigorous exercise has to be done. Proper exercise and sexual activities can be resumed after 4 weeks of rest.

Who Are Eligible To Have The Surgery?

Men who rank in between the ages of fifteen and forty-nine are qualified to have the surgery. Although it has been reported that patients of older ages have also gone through the procedure. But there are certain medical conditions that have to be cured first; only then the surgery can be possible.

Is Patients’ Privacy Observed During The Operation?

All adult circumcision clinics have a strict policy of maintaining the privacy of their patients. Only the concerned medical staff is allowed to be present inside the operation theatre. If an attendant is with the patient; even he/ she are not permitted inside.

Do Various Devices Take Different Time?

Yes, it is true because the latest devices take only 5 to 15 minutes for the whole procedure to finish. But if patients choose the old ways then the timing of the completion will be different and longer than the latest devices.

Does Adult Circumcision Really Prevent Hiv/ Aids?

There has been a hot debate that adult circumcision is most effective in preventing and reducing the risk of having HIV. If the person is already infected then the answer is no. But it can decrease the development of the virus as the penis can be kept clean.

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