A Guide to Losing Weight and Being Happier

Guide to Losing Weight

It isn’t easy to be happy in your own skin, especially when you are constantly bombarded with images of supposedly perfect physiques in magazines, online and in every other form of media. There are many reasons someone might decide that they would like to lose weight, but the pressure of these social factors can often get in the way of this goal as it knocks down self-esteem. The journey to weight loss is different for everyone but here are a few aspects to keep in mind that will help you on the way with Guide to Losing Weight .

  • Choose a Form of Exercise You Can Stick To

It’s common knowledge that exercise and diet go hand in hand when it comes to losing weight. Similarly to dieting, it’s vital that your exercise habits are ones that you can maintain and build into your lifestyle for the long term. Many people suffer from the inability to sustain their lifestyle changes for long enough to see any results, which can then cause them to swing back and lose progress. Find a form of exercise you enjoy that fits into your routine.

  • Find a Diet That Works for You

The purpose of a weight-loss diet is to replace self-defeating eating habits with self-enhancing ones. This is why it is so important that you research a diet fully before committing yourself to it, as you might find that it doesn’t appeal to you and you can’t continue it indefinitely. Different diets work for different people so you need to find one that suits your needs. You might ask yourself questions like: How does the keto diet work? make sure to do some research beforehand and find out if it could be a solution that fits your lifestyle and body.

  • Adjust Your Mindset
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Perhaps you’ve researched the perfect diet for your needs and found the ideal exercise to go along with it, but maybe there’s something else stopping you from losing weight. Often the biggest hurdle is a mental one. Breaking bad habits and replacing them with helpful ones is a huge challenge in any aspect of life, not least of all losing weight. If you can build up your discipline and patience for yourself, you are more likely to see progress.

  • Recruit External Accountability- Guide to Losing Weight 

Having someone close to you who can hold you accountable to your goals is an effective motivator. Tell a friend that you want to go to the gym three times a week and be honest with them if you don’t achieve this. You’ll soon see that sometimes it’s easier to do things for other people than doing them for ourselves.

  • Monitor Your Progress

Keep track of your results and backslides to get a detailed view of your changes. Even when you fail, remember that the very fact you are trying is a fantastic first step. Don’t let occasional lapses discourage you from carrying on.

  • Ignore Negative Thoughts

Since losing weight is difficult, particularly because it involves making huge lifestyle changes, it’s likely you’ll face the voice of your own inner critic. Treating yourself with kindness will be far more effective than listening to negative, defeatist thoughts.

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