A Guide to Finding a Non-12-Step Program Rehabilitation Center


Substance and drug abuse can ruin anyone’s life. Enrolling in a rehabilitation program to stop this addiction is a particularly good decision to make. When choosing this program, it is wise to go for an option that best suits your needs. This would contribute to a successful rehabilitation process.

There are several types of programs that help addicts overcome their habits. A common type is the 12- step process. This treatment follows the belief of a supreme being and ensures that those with drug and substance addiction find recovery through that belief. The truth is not all addicts are religious and this treatment would not fit non-religious individuals.

To assist those who might be atheists or agnostics, an alternative treatment called a non-12-step program is made available to help them. This is quite different from the other and suits everyone’s needs regardless of their religious beliefs. Several rehab centers offer this treatment option, so you would not have an issue finding one. Let us discuss how you can find one that suits your needs.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Non-12-Step Program Rehabilitation Center

The following are some key factors to keep in mind to make an informed choice:

Check the Reputation of the Center

You want a center that will treat its patients right regardless of their beliefs. You also want one that will provide customized treatment tailored to suit your needs. Not all substance and drug addicts recover at the same pace. So, this facility must not follow a rigid program that only fits a particular section of drug abusers. If you want to know how reputable the place is, check online for its reputation. Notice what people say about its services and the treatment methods it employs. If you would like to know how to check the reputation of a rehab facility, read this article.

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Check the Success Rate of the Center

How successful is the center? Does the place have success stories from past patients? You want a rehabilitation facility that has more positive stories from former patients than negative ones. You can check third-party review websites for these stories or testimonials. Ensure that you take note of the program the facility employs.

Check If Family Support is Required

Some 12-step programs do not welcome the assistance of family members. This is not the case with the non-12- step treatment. However, some rehab centers might not fully integrate your family into your recovery process. If you want your family to support you throughout your rehabilitation, ensure that you choose a center that allows such. 

The importance of your family cannot be overly emphasized. Your over-dependence on drugs or substances may have strained your relationship with them. So, including them in your recovery is an incredibly promising idea.


Some areas are more religiously inclined than others. It would be hard to find a neutral rehab facility in such a location. If the facilities in your vicinity only offer 12-step treatment, it is wise to look elsewhere. You want to be comfortable on your road to drug addiction recovery. You would not want a conflict of interest to slow down your progress. So ensure that you carry out extensive research on areas where you can find non-12-step rehab centers that fit your needs.

Consider Certifications and License

Some drug and substance recovery clinics might be operating without a license. This is very possible, so ensure that you ask the clinic you wish to choose if it has a functioning license. Various locations have their rules and regulations when accrediting a facility. This accreditation is mostly conferred to qualified and certified health workers. The license also determines how thorough and effective the treatment program will be.

Consider the Staff of the Clinic

Throughout your recovery process, you will have to interact with the employees of the clinic. How they behave or speak to you will affect your treatment progress. To help you deduce the attitude of the employees, visit the facility before choosing it. During this visit, notice how the staff treats patients.

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Another thing to look out for when you visit this place is the staff-to-patient ratio. A clinic with fewer employees and more patients will not be highly effective. Also, talk with some of the staff and start building a relationship with them. 

A good rehabilitation facility will have psychologists, nurses, nutritionists, and physicians as its employees. If the place you have in mind does not have most of these professionals, do not go for it.

Consider Your Preference

Apart from looking for a non-12-step program, you might also consider other preferences, like your gender or sexuality. Some patients are not comfortable around a member of the opposite sex. This could slow down their recovery process. If this is how you feel, make sure you find a clinic that suits your preferences.

Consider Specialization

Not all facilities will treat the same substance abuse. Some specialize in hard drugs; others only focus on alcohol addiction. Also, some might even offer both services. So, when choosing a rehabilitation agency, make sure that it specializes in your addiction. If you would like to know more about the different types of addiction and how to receive help, check here: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/

Consider the Total Treatment Cost

Some clinics will be more expensive than others. This could be because of some added services like outpatient treatment or the combination of both inpatient and outpatient programs. Medical bills can rack up to millions of dollars and this may add more stress to you after recovering from drug or substance abuse. If you do not choose a center that is within your budget range, you might enter into debt. Make sure that you have a budget and look for a clinic that accommodates it.

Consider Insurance

Your entire medical cost might be covered by your health insurance policy, so before you choose any rehab center, ensure that you check if it accepts an insurance policy. When you choose based on insurance, you reduce the total treatment cost.


Going to rehab remains an incredibly good decision any addict can make. Most treatment programs have a belief system and not everyone is comfortable with it. If you are not religious but want to overcome an addiction, ensure that you look for rehabilitation clinics that offer non-12-step programs. You will benefit from choosing the right facility.

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