Why Must You Use A Gait Belt?

Gait belt

When a patient enters a hospital for certain treatment until the time they leave, it becomes the responsibility of the health care professionals to ensure their safety. There are plenty of places that require proper attention and care from the caregivers. For example, it can be used to transfer patients who have difficulty walking or moving. It is essential to ensure the extra safety of such patients. Transfer for patients can be made easier with a gait belt.

Over the past few years, gait belts have played a vital role in helping both caregivers and patients in different ways. Also known as a transfer belt, a gait belt assists older people or people with injury in moving safely. The caregiver uses the sling of the gait belt to help the patient complete their routine task. It also reduces the burden on the caregiver and minimizes the risk of a back injury.

Benefits of Using Gait Belts

Gait belts are an integral part of safety devices that help patients with injuries to do their routine tasks. Every caregiver must use a transfer belt with handles to ensure better protection. Here are a few benefits that both caregivers and patients can avail from gait belts.

Provide Assistance

One of the major roles of a gait belt is to provide proper assistance in the movement. It allows the caregiver to move the patient from one place to another without possibly injuring the back. It helps in raising the patients without putting pressure on the back. If you buy transfer belts with handles, you can pick up the patients with more ease.

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Stabilize The Patients From Falling

When patients are suffering from injury and are not able to walk properly, there are times when they lose balance. Without a gait belt, it would be quite difficult for the caregiver to lift the patients up and stabilize their position. With gait belts, caregivers can help the patient to maintain their posture in balance. The belt works like a handle allowing the caregiver to easily hold on to the patient and provide necessary movement assistance. It is essential to use a gait belt when in the hospital to avoid uncertain falls and accidents.

Protection From Back Injuries

Another great advantage of using a gait belt is protected from injuries. Not only the patients, but a quality gait belt will also reduce the risk of back injuries for caregivers as well. It is essential to choose a suitable gait belt according to the size of the patient. You must give extra care to the patients who have catheters, feeding tube, or other medical devices on them. These devices can disrupt the function of a gait belt. Hence, it is essential to use them properly in such cases.

The Bottom Line

Gait belts have proven to be an efficient device that both caregiver and patient can benefit from. It is essential to understand the significance of gait belts in the life of injured patients. The above mentioned were some of the ideal benefits of using gait belts.

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