5 Top Reasons Why You Should Take A Two-wheeler Loan


In India, a two-wheeler is the most efficient way to commute. You can go for grocery shopping or reach your workplace on time and easily avoid the maddening traffic on roads. Unfortunately, everyone can’t afford a bike or scooter. In that case, you can easily take a two-wheeler loan to finance the purchase of your dream bike.

Availing a two-wheeler loan can also save you from the burden of paying all at once and allows you to repay your loan in EMIs with no hassle. The loan tenures may range from 12 months to 48 months, which makes it convenient to repay and also save some funds from your monthly expenses. 

Keep reading this article to know about all the benefits that a two-wheeler loan has to offer.

Benefits of Availing Two Wheeler Loan:

  • Online Application

Digitization has led a revolution in India, and several financial institutions have switched to an online platform. You can apply for a bike loan from the comfort of your home. All you need is a working Internet connection, a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet, and you are good to go. Another advantage is that online application has quicker disbursal time as compared to the traditional methods. You will receive the required funds in 24 – 48 hours.

  • Affordable Interest Rates

With so much popularity of bikes in India, the interest rates for a bike loan has reduced as compared to other loans. Different lenders offer different rates. You can do thorough research and find a lender that provides low-interest rates and meets your requirements. Even if your monthly income isn’t too much, you can still avail of a bike loan at low-interest rates and repay it every month without placing too much stress on your monthly budget. Some lenders even provide additional benefits such as insurance, registration, and free accessories.

  • Improve Your Credit Score And Credit History
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For all the young professionals, it is an excellent opportunity to kickstart your credit score with a two-wheeler loan. As a bike loan has a short tenure, it lets you repay the loan amount within a short period quickly. And, since there is a negligible chance of defaulting on a Two-wheeler Loan, your credit score will not get negatively affected in any way. So, you can improve your credit history by quickly repaying for a bike loan which will make other loans more available to you in the future.

  • High Resale Value 

Two-wheelers generally have much better resale value after a considerable duration as compared to cars. So, it allows the borrower to purchase a brand new vehicle, right after repaying the initial bike loan.

  • Relief From Financial Stress

It is easy to avail a bike loan and pay easy monthly installments without burning a hole in your pocket. Even if you have funds to purchase a two-wheeler in one go, it is always a smart option to save that amount for later use. You can use it to cover any emergency expenses. As the monthly EMIs are affordable, it allows you even to save some money from your monthly expenses. Before taking a loan, you can calculate the total EMI amount that you need to repay each month using a bike loan calculator. Calculate your EMI (https://www.fullertonindia.com/two-wheeler-loan-emi-calculator.aspx)


Two-wheeler loans are flexible, affordable, and low-maintenance. They come with several other benefits which makes it the go-to choice of borrowers. You can manage your finances wisely, and at the same time, you can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride without having to stress about long queues and traffic.

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Thus, all the reasons mentioned above make a two-wheeler loan a favorable option for financing your bike. Apply for a bike loan instantly and get your dream bike home.

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