5 Tips for How to Drive in Ireland for Tourists


Is this you’re first time in Ireland driving a vehicle all alone? Have you opt for renting a car in Ireland? If you have answered these questions as yes, you have stumble upon the right website. On this page, I am going to show you how to drive in Ireland for the first time. I’ll explain everything from how to drive and to be safe during your journey. While Ireland is a developed and secure country, it is still new and different for you.

Let’s learn how to drive in Ireland for the first time, especially if you are a visitor here.

Tips to Have a Safe Drive in Ireland

  • Use a Reliable Car Rental Company

If you are hiring a car in Ireland, make sure you opt for a popular company. Like other places, Dublin also has too many car rental services, making it hard for tourists to select a trustworthy brand. If you carelessly select any random car rental provider in Ireland, they might hand over you a flawed vehicle. In case your vehicle experiences a mechanical failure, you will have to get help from Tow Truck Dublin. Tow truck Dublin is a customer-friendly towing service in Ireland available 24/7.

Whatever, you can avoid the car breakdown risks if you tactfully select a car rental company.

  • Drive in Your Lane

In Ireland you have to drive in the left side of the road. No matter where you are driving, whether it’s a street or a highway, you need to maintain your vehicle on the left side. The oncoming traffic will stick to the right side. Now it can be a little challenging for USA citizens as they are used to drive on the one way roads.

  • Don’t Overtake Frequently
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If you do not have previous experience in driving on two-way streets, then don’t overtake when not needed. While overtaking on a two-way road, you need to calculate the distance from your car to the oncoming vehicle and the one ahead you. You also have to observe the speed of the oncoming traffic in order to perform a perfect overtake. Even a little mistake can put your life in danger. Have fun with your family while driving and drive in your lane patiently to avoid pointless risks.

  • Know the Basic Driving Rules

We have talked about the primary driving rule in the first step of this article. It is that you need to drive your vehicle on the left side. There are other rules as well, such as wearing seat belts is necessary for the passengers and driver. Even the passengers sitting on the rear seats must wear seatbelts. You can’t even think about driving if you are drunk in Ireland. Also, bear in mind that you won’t be able to drive a vehicle if you do not have a comprehensive national license or International license.

  • Know the Speed Limits

If you wish to drive in Ireland without being penalized by the officers, you must not cross your speed limit. On the city streets, you can’t go ahead 50 kilometers per hour or 30 miles per hour. If you are driving on non-national open roads, keep your vehicle speed under 80 kilometers per hour.
You can drive up to 100 kilometers per hour on national roads and 120 on motorways.

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