4 Things to Look for in a CBD Product

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Now that CBD has increased in popularity over the past few years, many people have discovered the many benefits CBDfx CBD products can bring to their lives. Like any new supplement or wellness product, it can take some vigilance to find CBD products that contain only what they need to and nothing more. Label reading can also be tricky, especially for those new to the world of CBD, but it’s important to look for products that have the following attributes.

1. The Products are Third-Party Tested

How do you know that the only ingredients in a supplement or CBD product are what is listed on the label? Unless you have expensive equipment and a comprehensive chemistry background, the only way to know for sure what is in supplements and wellness products is if they are third-party tested.

Supplements, like CBD products, are not regulated by the government in the United States like many food products are. As a result, supplements are not guaranteed to contain what the label says that they do, which can potentially lead to some scary scenarios when purchasing supplements.

Fortunately, some CBD and supplement manufacturers open their doors and allow their products to be tested by an outside testing company that has no stake in the quality of the product. This allows them to be objective and report the facts about what is in the product.

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It’s also not enough to find a CBD product that is third-party tested only one time, as this can allow companies to slide into unsavory practices after undergoing their first and only test. Instead, look for CBD companies that are transparent about how often their products are tested and make their results available to the public.

2. The CBD is Extracted with CO2 Extraction Methods

There are several CBD extraction methods, and all come with pros and cons. The best method by far, however, is CO2 extraction. It relies on eco-friendly CO2 to draw CBD oil, along with other compounds from the CBD-rich cannabis plant, leaving behind just the plant’s CBD contents.This method is much better for the environment than other methods, it provides a better product, and it does not require the use of other chemicals, like solvents.

Many manufacturers shy away from CO2 because it requires precision and expensive equipment, but CBD companies that make the investment to give you the very best CBD possible are worth your attention.

3. The Product is Free of Solvents

Solvents are chemicals that can dissolve other compounds, and they are used in medicine, food, and often, CBD manufacturing. Many CBD manufacturers use commercial ethanol to extract CBD from plants, though this can also extract the less-desirable components from the hemp plant too, negatively affecting the taste and quality.

Manufacturers that are not meticulous about removing solvents in the final refinement stages may also leave behind traces of solvents that may put you and your health at risk. Look for CBD products made without solvents to get the highest quality CBD.

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4. Only Cruelty-Free Practices Are Used

Although not everyone in the world has pets or loves animals as passionately as others, most people agree that animals do not deserve to undergo the cruel animal testing practices that many companies use on cosmetics, supplements, and other common household goods. Animal testing is often done on rabbits, dogs, cats, and other animals, and it can cause them to undergo so much pain and terror. Plus, many animal testing facilities store the animals in poor living conditions, making the whole situation worse.

Keep an eye out for “Cruelty-Free” labels from PETA on CBD products, as it is the only way to ensure that your product is manufactured without abusing animals. Make sure the label comes from a third party, as some manufacturers may slap a label on their product to look good without actually adhering to cruelty-free practices.

Final Considerations

The above attributes to look for in a CBD product are not all-inclusive, but finding a product that follows these guidelines is an excellent place to start. There are many CBD knockoff products that can actually cause more harm than good, so take some time to find a trustworthy retailer that adheres to these practices.

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