11 things you should always look for when buying RV Parts


If you have owned an RV long enough, you know there comes a time when you have to replace or fix some parts. Compared to other vehicles, motorhomes work very hard. Even when they are stationary, they are still running to give you electricity, heat, and water.

Here are some of the things you should always look out for when buying RV parts.

Any experienced car owner knows the value of doing your homework before purchasing any spare parts. So before buying any new parts, talk to an experienced RV full-timer. They can help you identify what parts you need and sometimes also where to find them.

  • Look for parts form your RV dealer

When looking for RV parts asking your dealer is a safe bet. If they don’t carry the parts there, they can recommend other dealers or shops where you can get them. A reputable dealer assures you of quality replacement parts you can trust to hold up. However, you must have bought your rig there and it isn’t the cheapest option but it is quite reliable.

  • Get parts from an RV store

There are stores that specialize in selling RVs as well as parts and supplied. They are considered as a one-stop-shop for everything you might need for your RV even if you didn’t purchase it there.

  • Get parts from renowned stores

Walmart, Target, and Home Depot also carry some RV parts. You can look online to see if they have what you are looking for before going there in person. The store attendants might not have a lot of knowledge about these camper RV parts but you will get a better price.

  • Try salvage yards

You may have some luck getting parts at a salvage yard from motorhomes that have been in accidents or are un-drivable. Despite their condition, they might still have a lot of usable parts.

  • Look for parts online

With the advent of online stores, it’s now a lot easier to get parts from any place in the world. Stores such as Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress have made it easier for consumers to access parts straight from the manufacturer.

  • Compare prices

If you need a certain part shop around and compare prices. Visit different dealers and stores both online and inland to get the best-priced parts.

  • Verify before purchase

Before buying, don’t forget to call a mechanic and confirm the spec of the part you need. If you don’t verify this number, you might pick the wrong spare parts.

  • Buy rare spare parts in person

Buying parts online is faster, easier, and more consistent. However, if you are getting rare parts its best to get them in person.

  • Look out for sales

RV spare parts can be hard to find. So if you are not pressed for time, or you don’t want to purchase these parts at such high prices, wait for sales and buy them then. RV dealerships and stores often have sales on different RV aftermarket parts and other supplies you might need.

  • Sign up for newsletters

Some RV dealers have newsletters where they publish sale alerts, discounts, and other important information for their subscribed customers. So sign up and actually read these email newsletters.

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With RVs, it hard to find spare parts as well as competent mechanics. However, with these eleven tips, you are sure to find the right replacement for whatever part you need.

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