Why should you hire an online marketing agency?


Online marketing is becoming more and more extensive thanks to new channels and opportunities. To make sensible use of their advertising budget online, companies are increasingly dependent on professional support from outside. The online marketing agencies have changed a lot in the past few years: They no longer actas middlemen between the client and advertising platform but are now regarded as service providers and consultants. Online marketing agencies like Ducima Analytics private limited develop individual strategies and holistic concepts, use the latest oftechnologies and assume a comprehensive advisory function.

There are three important levers in online marketing:

  • Product/Service–Typically, the client is responsible for providing marketers with relevant information about their product or service. Nevertheless, an online marketing agency can of course provide advice here. For example, online market analysis or web analysis and competitor analysis are some ways of evaluating the client’s position.
  • Traffic – The more users see the products and services, the higher the sales. However, while more may not necessarily mean more sales, relevance is a decisive here. An online marketing agency will ensure that the right users come across your website.
  • The conversion rate – Here too, relevance is very important. Because only qualified users will get convertedto become clients. An online marketing agency not only ensures the relevant trafficbut also a user-friendly and conversion-optimized page, using web analysis, for instance.

The full-service approach convinces clients of online marketing agencies

Clients also benefit from development in online marketing: on the agency side, they no longer only have account managers as personal contacts, but a well-positioned team of dedicated specialists for the various disciplines in online marketing. So you have combined an SEO and SEM agency as a service provider and get everything from a single source – from high-quality SEO content to professionally designed Google Ads campaigns. You can create excellent synergies between the in-house experts for technical questions from your industry as well as experts from external sources, who know all the requirements of the online market.

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In the area of ​​SEO, the specialists in the editorial department and off-page area work closely with the account manager. This serves as a direct contact for clients and a central coordinator for internal and external expertise.

Why hire an agency for online marketing at all?

Lack of know-how on the company side: Insofar as the online marketing department does not consist of an entire team but only of individuals, the company often cannot manage the online marketing employee. Because no one in the company is familiar with the subject and can therefore neither recognize the necessary tasks nor accuratelyevaluate the results, and much less have control over the employee.

The lack of exchange with other experienced online marketing experts is also often a problem. The experience of a team saves the company unnecessary mistakes, time and money. An agency usually has the necessary experience from many projects and various industries and can arrive at the optimal concept more quickly.

A possible variant for companies that are building in-house know-how and want to find online marketing employees can be to employ an agency first. The online marketing agency can set up and optimize the concept independently or in cooperation with aresponsible employee. Eventually, for large projects, itonly makes sense to use internal employees so that you can turn your attention to more company-specific details.

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