Why paper boxes are lightweight to keep the things


In a world where everyone is going for standardized boxes, paper boxes packaging will not only help you in staying unique but they will also help you save money. It might sound surprising but it is actually true. When you start buying custom paper boxes, you will realize that you do not have to spend a chunk of your budget on packaging. This task may seem mundane but it will benefit your company in the long run. Here are a few ways in which custom paper boxes can reduce your total cost. 

Save Money on Shipping

With custom paper boxes, you can save money on shipping. Many people think that they are charged by the weight of their order. So, boxes do not weigh much, therefore, the shipping cost will be lower. This is not really the case. Nowadays, suppliers charge by dimensional weight. This measure takes the actual weight and volume of your product into account. If you are buying bigger custom cardstock boxes, you are paying more shipping, even if they do not weigh much. 

Customize according to Size 

When you customize your boxes, you do not have to buy the one-fit-for-all boxes. You can order boxes specifically according to the size of your product. For example, if your company is associated with makeup subscription services, you do not have to get big cardboard boxes. Your custom paper boxes will be much smaller in size and they will save you a lot of money on shipping. When you order the bigger boxes, not customized for your product size, you are basically paying the shipping on the air space that those boxes are taking up. 

Lightweight boxes

When you are buying hundreds of small boxes, they can all be bundled up together and sent as one shipment instead of several shipments. Look for the cheapest custom mailer boxes to save even more money on shipping. 

Save Money on Box Size 

You do not have to get bigger boxes if your product is small. Normally, when you buy standard size boxes, you will get the brown cardboard boxes that you have seen so often. They might be too big for your product. Even if the product is not going to take up all the space in the box, you will have to pay for a bigger box. The bigger the box, the higher the price. When you customize the box size according to your product, you save a lot of money. 

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At first, it might not sound like a lot since you will be paying just a few bucks extra on each box. However, when you start buying thousands of  printer paper boxes you will be paying thousands of dollars just for getting bigger boxes. So, if you have a cosmetic business or a bakery business, go for smaller boxes rather than the standard size. For example, you do not need to buy cake boxes for smaller desserts at your bakery. Buy single donut boxes or macaroon boxes for smaller desserts. When the box size shrinks, the box cost shrinks with it too. Same is the case when you buy paper boxes for candy for your retail business.

Alter Customization 

When you are ordering custom paper boxes, you can save money in a lot of ways by altering customization. For example, instead of getting printing on both sides of the printed paper boxes, you can just get it on one side. Or, you can opt for a simpler finish as compared to a premium finish of your custom box design. All of these things will help in bringing down the cost of your packaging material. 

Reduce Waste 

You do not only save money by reducing the cost you have to pay but also by reducing waste. If a box is not customized for your product, a lot of space and money are going to get lost. Also, people are very stringent about wastefulness these days and it will not take long before your company gets a bag reputation. Recently, a buyer went on to Twitter to mention that he ordered a box of Oreos from Amazon and it came in a huge Amazon box. He had to go through layers of bubble wrap and packaging to get to his product. With this kind of wastefulness, you will lose your reputation in the market. When the customers start leaving, you start losing money too. 

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At the end of the day, you have to look at the bigger impact of paper boxes on your business. Along with saving money, you can build an image with decorative paper boxes and make your mark in the ever-growing industry. 

Extensive use of paper boxes for gifts

Paper boxes are now widely used for gift packaging as well. Their ability to get customize in an attractive way makes them the first choice to be used for presents. Gift paper boxes are common for products like perfumes, creams and flowers in which people send the presents to their loved ones live near or far away from them. Now a days when the trend the gift giving is increasing the online market has also started to provide services of gift giving and they all use paper boxes for gifts no matter what type of gift is being packed in the box. Smaller and large sizes of the boxes can be made on demand with the help of customization and printing according to the occasion in which gift is to be presented can also be printed on the boxes. Theme printing makes the boxes look amazing and relate the gift with the occasion. Copy paper boxes are getting so much popularity that even the people that run gift shops are using them to decorate their gift items. They try to get the attention of the customers towards their products by making their product decorative with the help of these paper boxes. Not only that, they promote their brand with the help of these boxes.


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