Why is it better for the SEOs and Developers to work together?


It isn’t easy to bridge two communities that intersect quite a bit but don’t necessarily acknowledge this intersection. Such an incident turns out to be a neck breaker quite often for startups, especially when the resources are tight, and one needs to gain traction. Then, there are  SEOs, which is an exciting and fascinating field of people because there are many different variations of SEOs, just like there are a bunch of changes of developers in terms of the spectrum of what they do. 

There is a lot of overlooked potential in content strategy and user experience, but the technical side is often overlooked from an SEO perspective. There are other organic attributes as well that are, at times, overlooked from a developer’s perspective. Thus, there is a lot of potential for collaboration and winning things together that are untapped.

An example would be the alignment in terms of values; for instance, both good developers as well as good SEOs want websites to be fast. So often, developers don’t necessarily convey this accurately to the business side of things. In contrast, SEOs already have an excellent rapport with the business side of most operations and organizations. So, there could be an alliance forming that isn’t for some reason. So it is even more important to foster this alliance so that this cooperation can grow and provide unprecedented benefits from both ends.

Why is this divide causing a significant problem to the business end of proceedings?

A lot of businesses are suffering significant losses due to a lack of proper communication between developers and SEOs. There are several stages between ultimately understanding codes that are impacting the SEOs before proceeding on to fixing them.

  • For instance, the code released contains a no-index tag on one of its crucial conversation pages.
  • What Google does is that it picks up this change and drops the page from its index.
  • This failure results in the SEO investigating the issue, which requires awareness of traffic and also revenue loss.
  • The solution is needed to be lodged as tickets before adding it to the development queue.
  • Then the developer would finally get hold of the ticket and proceed onto fixing the issue only after all the high priority tickets are being resolved.
  • As Google finally proceeds onto implementing the changes, the fix incorporated overnight, but rather it’s a hectic task which requires recrawling, reprocessing, and further re-indexing the required page.
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Ultimately this process takes about months to get properly implemented, especially in the case of larger companies that already has a long line of communication and development queues in order. What’s regrettable about this task is that, once all the re-indexing is complete, there is still no absolute assurance of full recovery of the traffic levels and revenues already in place.

And within the span of recovery and undergoing all these hassles, what can impact the party is that their competitors might get the much-needed opportunity to develop a more substantial presence and improve their rankings in the highest of orders.

What are the leads on which SEOs and Developers need to work on to function as a galvanized unit successfully? ( For more information contact an SEO company)

Before things get real nasty, check out a few guidelines which can bring about radical changes on how both ends can tie up real smooth.

  • An initial conversation between the heads of the two teams is essential to detach the plan of action. Often there may be conflicting ideas existing in the minds of the two parties. It is best to iron them out and reach a proactive plan of action before putting it into motion.
  • After having a successful chat in the very beginning, what is most important is that both the individuals must have a positive grip or knowledge about how they plan to proceed in their respective fields of work. Both are developing as well as optimizing websites require high technical skillsets. If anyone of them either party fails to understand their objective, then it would be a total waste of capital investment.
  • Both parties need to have mutual respect for the other’s work. It is often seen with SEOs that they are the ones who would get stepped on quite quickly. The reason is quite simple. In most companies’ developers are helmed as gods which most of them pocketing a handsome six-figure salary.
  • In the case of SEOs, they are still trying hard to redeem their trade, which has long been subjected to shady scammers. But as of now, the tides have turned, and there are genuinely made well trained, talented, and experienced SEO services in the market. But first things first, the SEOs need to have respect for the skill sets acquired by the developers, and the developers also need to do the same. 
  • Both SEOs and Developers must always remember that they are on the same team. In the case of SEOs, they have often complained about the developers’ lack of genuine interest in developing a site with proper measures, by deeming them as unenthusiastic couch warmers. Both parties need to keep in mind that they are working collectively towards a particular goal.
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This final advice is for both Developers and SEOs. Usually, the businesses get kickstarted by SEOs making recommendations to the Developers who are more than well suited for implementing this recommendation. Another point of view would be that SEOs are at the mercy of the developers for turning their recommendations on paper into reality. In contrast, the Developers must forever be indebted to the SEOs for giving them this opportunity to implement or display their skillsets.


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