What Mistakes You Can’t Forgive During a Gym Workout


With the advent of spring, most of the society is starting to think about the long-awaited vacation. Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. In order to please themselves with the desired body shape and beautifully muscular body at sea, people do not spare themselves – they start training in gyms before their heart goes out …

You have decided to get in shape, strengthen your muscles, and improve your health, in other words, you regularly spend time playing sports, but the results are not so noticeable … A healthy lifestyle and fitness do not require overwork and experimentation on your own health. Do not allow and after exercise, ka Do not reward yourself with potatoes.

Press Exercises

With the approach of spring, most of the people walking in the gym are trying to expose the abdominal press and start the workout with a press muscle exercise. The press is our central muscle that always works in a standing and sitting position, so daily press training is not necessary. Three days a week is enough for abdominal press training.

If we get tired of the central muscle, then we will not be able to do the work with the load that we could have done before. To give you a chance to see the relief on your stomach at least once, you must follow a healthy diet and do press exercises properly.

Approaches and repetitions

There is a kind of controversy in the field of fitness, which is better to lose weight – use light weights and repeat many times or fewer repetitions and heavyweights?

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– There are approaches and repetitions in bodybuilding. For example, four visits and 10 repetitions. Repetition in almost all exercise programs does not exceed 14 or 18. This is the wrong approach. If a person does 30 repetitions, for some reason he thinks that this will damage the muscle.

There are four factors that increase muscle growth: the amino acids we get from food, the growth hormone secreted by the body, the free creatine that is released from creatine phosphate during exercise, and the hydrogen ions released during stress.

If free creatine and hydrogen ions do not match in optimal quantities, the cell will disintegrate. This happens not because of repetition, but because of time. If you follow the interval of 20 to 40 seconds, you will get the maximum result, but if you repeat 10 repetitions and pass 40 seconds, then the cell will start to disintegrate.

Don’t waste time, instead of letting everyone know on social media how intensely you are “training”, try to actually do something.

A separate issue is delta muscle in men, which is the most common problem because delt cannot be raised. The percentage of red fiber in the delta is higher than that of white fiber. Red fiber is responsible for the long-term performance of low-intensity work.

Therefore, its compression speed is relatively slow, and the white fiber is responsible for the force phase, its purpose is to lift as much weight as possible. If you do a constant 10-12 repetitions, a forceful phase will develop, but the visuals will come in tone and stop. If you do 25-30 repetitions, the shapes and relief will definitely change.

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